My 2023 Goals

Hey Family! Let me start out by saying Happy New Year! Welcome to a fresh brand new year. I hope that you are well and are excited for a New Year of adventures and endless possibilities.

We will be changing things up a bit. Some weeks we will have written blogs and other weeks we will have vlogs or video. Please check out my new video today titled “How to set Goals & Create a Bucket List for 2023”

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What are you Magnifying?

What are you Magnifying?

Happy Wednesday Family! Today, I just want to share this thought with you and ask you the question, what are you Magnifying?

To my religious folks, you might respond, JESUS and him only lol. INDEED you should and don’t stop magnifying him. So y’all know I have to do it, Let’s look at the definition of magnify. Magnify can be defined as making something appear larger than it is, especially with a lens or microscope. This is the definition we will be using today but by all means keep exoling and magnifying the Lord!

If I could be honest and transparent, Life has been hard for a lot of us. You might be reading this today and are currently feeling the struggles of life. You are being pulled every single direction that you don’t want to be pulled in but rest assured for a lot of us there’s always a way out or there’s always some type of resolve. As I go in life I’m find myself sometimes more focused on the problem or circumstance rather than focused on how to fix it. We don’t like the process. We hate it. I hate it and I’m sure everyone on the planet does but perception is everything. For example, I remember buying my first car which was a 1999 Chrysler Concorde LXI with 141,000 miles. Man, that was my baby. it was gold with leather seats, moon roof, cd AND cassette player and I was 19 years old living the dream. I kept it clean, washed and waxed. I also tried my best to keep those check engine lights off. Now, I got this car in 2009 which would make it 10 years old. I remember when I first got it, there were two major things that I needed to repair. One was the windshield had a large crack from left to right and I needed tires bad. Looking back I can remember that car being very good to me. I got to college and home back and was never left on the side of the road. That’s not to say that the car never gave me issues. I remember begging my dad to pay for the repairs of the fly wheel (which was major) and I needed the tire rods repaired. If I could get back into 19 year old Brandon’s head right now, I would have told myself to calm down, it’s an old car. I remember how angry I would get when I needed something fixed on it. Now at the time I thought it should have not broken down BUT it’s an old car. So I could choose to magnify the problems that I would have and honestly I did. I remember sometimes crying and balling because I didn’t want to beg my parents to get this car fixed again and again OR I could have magnified the process and that process often included my parents paying for the repairs because I didn’t have the money. I surely would have saved myself sometime from being angry and stressed about something that actually could and would get fixed if I just started the process.

I’ve said all of that to say this. We already know that life is uncertain, and somethings are out of our control but how we choose to respond and show up is our responsibility.

What are you magnifying?

Are you magnifying being tired and not having enough time in a day?

Try figuring out where all your time is going, and cut back. Start this process, Magnify this Process

Are you magnifying debt, bills?

Start speaking I am debt free ( Your words have Power) & also take the initiative to become debt free. Research, Research Research Start this Process, Magnify this Process

Are you magnifying and saying I’m not that smart?

GET SMART… read… there are audio books, and Youtube. Start this process, Magnify this Process

As we enter into the end of 2022, we have a lot of time to change our habits and the way we think. I dare you to start magnifying the positive or even the finish line before you magnify the problem. If all you do is keep talking about the problem, the problem won’t go away, but it will get bigger and bigger and before you know it, you might have became the problem because you have let the problem overtake you. Think about it. There are billions of people in the world. Do you think that you are the only person that might have gone through something that someone else hasn’t? Remember this, you are not alone and I ask you again, What are you magnifying?