3 Things You Can Do To Get Motivated & Inspired

Hey Fam and friends! I hope that you are doing well and that you are crushing your dreams and goals for 2023. Don’t give up on what you have set before you. Pick it back up and get back to it. Today, I will be sharing some tips of what I do to get motivated and inspired. This can be for anyone. Maybe you’re a student who needs to crank out that paper or a mom who needs to finish decorating their kids room. I want to share what I do to help you.

3 Things I do Motivated & Inspired

1. Declutter and Have a Clean House & Work Space

Over the past 2 years I’ve discovered when my energy levels are down for getting work done, it’s usually because there’s mess around. I kid you not, when there are dishes in the sink, clothes that need to be washed, a desk that needs to be cleaned off, and I could go on and on.

Psychologically, these things burden me down and kill my energy. It makes me feel overwhelmed and sometimes defeated. I flourish in a clean environment. I like having everything in it’s right space (could possibly be a bit of a neat freak) but It’s the only way I am able to get motivated and stay inspired when having to work on a project or edit a youtube video. I believe if you declutter the mess and destractions around you, You can then focus and get that thing done that you’re actually suppose to get done.

2. Reset & Do Something Different

When I feel like I’m in need of motivation or need a fresh breath of air, I get up and walk my dog. I put myself into the sun and feel the wind and we walk a mile or two. It’s crazy how I almost never would go on walks until I got him. I think the walks have become more beneficial to me than him. I look forward to them all the time. I almost everytime come back with some new energy and fresh clear perspective and I can get back to work. I also do this on my lunch breaks. Working from home sometimes can make you feel like you are in a prison chained to a laptop. I also find switching it up and doing something different helps motivate you. I almost never take the same route to get to a destination. Sometimes you may bump into something new along the way. I know you might be saying it’s just traffic, but you would be surprised by something as small as taking a different route could help you and inspire you.

3. Reading a New Book

Now this one has helped me tremendously. I made it my goal to read one book a month when the new year started and right now I am on track. I love reading a book to discover that there’s someone out there that thinks like me or has gone through the same stuff I’ve gone through. I also love reading to learn something new. I will also say, make it fun. If you make it a chore then you probably are less to feel inspired. So find a book that is interesting. Fiction is fun, let your imagination go with the writer or learn about a new perspective. I’ve been on the self help kick and financial literacy path along side of reading the bible and tech news. Balance matters.

I hope that these 3 things will help you find inspiration and motivation because were not robots. It would be nice to delete and delete memory and start over or upgrade processors. Remember to be kind to yourself, listen to yourself and make it happen

Be Blessed!