Going to Church Every Sunday with No Personal Relationship With God is Dangerous Pt.1

Hey Family! Welcome back to another blog with me. I won’t be before you long today but I posted a status a couple of days ago that says, “ Going to church every Sunday with no personal relationship with God is Dangerous”. So just from reading the title some might get it but others might say, “how so”? So let me explain and dive in. This observation comes from a man who has been in church since he was 3 years old, and I’m not claiming to know everything but from over the years, I’ve gained some wisdom and knowledge and have seen a lot of things.

First, lets start with what is the church and it’s duty. Let’s go very basic. I promise I won’t be super spiritual here in any ways because it’s not that deep, but the basic definition of a church is a building used for public Christian worship. We can also go a little feet in and sum it up as a community of faith with other believers. This is pretty standard across the board of all denominations. This is the glue. All churches have their own set of beliefs, standards, and way of doing things. Some churches have services that start very early while others have services that start late. Some churches have mid week services while others have small groups on the weekends. Our various local churches make available these opportunities for people to grow in their faith and build their relationship with God.

So the part that comes dangerous is this: You can attend every Sunday Service and every bible study meeting and miss having a relationship with God. Coming to the service is usually the easiest part to do but it requires behind the scenes work. What you learn on Sunday should be looked over, meditated on, and even prayed over during the week. This is how you actually bring your Sunday morning worship experience home and into your life. Out of religion or tradition we do things based on habit. Think about it. You wake up everyday and shower, Comb your hair, put on clean clothes, drink your coffee and go out the door for work by 9am. You’ve done this so well that you don’t even have to think about it because you have developed a rhythm or habit that requires very little of your brain to work because the task are being delivered by muscle memory. Isn’t it funny how some folks would go to a church service, and know all the tactics of the service and how to conduct themselves. I remember growing up in a baptist church, and when you needed to walk out of the service, you needed to walk by holding up one finger (as if you were saying, excuse me). Now that I think of these things, I wonder how much more noticeable were people doing this, as if not doing didn’t draw attention to the person walking. We already know you were going to the restroom. Let’s get back to it. Some of us have become programmed in a service. We know when to clap, stand, and when to say amen. Most of us have this on autopilot. You mean to tell me there are some people who go to Sunday services and do autopilot stuff? You mean to tell me you got up early on a Sunday morning to go to a place and do every single thing you did the last week, last month, and years back. If you are reading this and you think I’m talking about you then hear me clearly. There is no great attendance record for showing up to church every Sunday that will make you more righteous than the next person. How come? Well if you never take what you’ve learned from that one day of the week and never place it in your Monday- Friday, then you are forfeiting the precious relationship you could be having with God. God wants to hear from you every single day. Just don’t wait to pray on Sunday or talk about God on Sunday. When you think about it and really break it down, how can a 2 hour service impact and over come 144 hours of 6 Days you have away from your local church on a Sunday. Kids spend at least 6 hours a day in grade school learning everyday math, history, English, and other various subjects. Friends don’t expect your faithful Sunday mornings of attendance to get you brownie points for God. You can have that same Sunday service in your home Monday- Friday, even in the car, or even at your job. We are going to break this down into about 3 parts as we progress this week. I will share how you can develop your relationship with God while attending your local church. Part 2 is coming Friday!!!

3 Things you Can do to Keep the Faith through a Pandemic 💪🏾✊🏾

Good Morning Family! I pray that everyone is doing well and making it through. I Just wanted to share some Encouragement today for someone that might need some and also may need to read some fresh perspective.

I was given the task to preach a sermon a couple of months, and God downloaded a word in my spirit and the basis of the word was “perspective”. I’ve talked about this briefly. This word has really carried me through since March until now. There’s been so much going on in our world, from pandemic (Covid), killings, riots, and racial tension. Honestly, if I could be honest, I became overwhelmed and checked out a few times to get myself together. I am a man of Faith and know that there is power in prayer, and that God is a all knowing as well. He is not surprised by anything. I often picture God, sitting in his nice comfy chair watching his masterpiece movie play out, while he’s holding the stars in place inhaling and exhaling. Ya’ll let me have my Disney moment!!! But, he’s all knowing, and always present. So when you take it from this perspective you must question why am I still here? I’m alive and that means there is need for me here. If your work was finished I honestly believe that we wouldn’t be here. We all were created for a purpose and it is up to us to find that purpose on our journey called life. Now hold that thought.

I’ve titled this post “Keeping the Faith” because when storms and trials of life come, the first thing we do is lose faith on those things we are believing for or working towards, but I want to declare to you to shift your perspective. It is not over and there is still time to go back to the drawing board. I’ve seen so many people use this time wisely and shift. They shifted from doing things the so called normal way from in person meetings to making things virtual and not missing a beat. Our churches for example. I’ve seen a lot of churches get on board with their online presence and take advantage of technology the best way they could and I’ve seen some do the bare minimum because they just think it was that important and they just wanted to decide to wait until it’s Safe to go back inside the 4 walls of a building as if God didn’t know that a Pandemic would occur. I’m always reminded of the scripture that says “he who win souls is wise”. Proverbs 11:30 and with the help of technology, WiFi, and cameras The service and ministry never had to stop unless we want it too. This may have called for us to stop doing things the same old way and develop new ways of doing ministry. We must SHIFT. Shifting perspective gives you a different a view of the situation. Shifting perspective will help you keep the faith during a Pandemic. If you are only bound by what you see in front of you and are constantly magnifying what you hear from the news and your peers, You won’t get the chance to utilize faith to go against the grain. This is the most valuable time for the church. The world is seeking healing, deliverance, and salvation and if we can’t shift and bring Faith to them because were not willing to shift, then are we really spreading Faith and Hope to a dying world?

So I challenge you to shift and realign your Faith. No, I this isn’t the correct formula but I do know that God has a purpose and plan for us and if we would just have faith to follow and endure We will get through this. I want to encourage with 3 nuggets on how you can keep the Faith during these times.

1. Check your Circle and keep like minded people in your circle who want the same thing as you.

  • Get rid of the negative conversations and complainers. Yes, we all know what is going on but if we want to shift and rise above it. We must start having the conversations about solutions. If these conversations can’t be made within your circle then it might be time to shift your circle.

2. Stay prayerful and connected to people of Faith “Church”

  • We must stay built up by keeping the full armor of salvation on at all times. Do it when you don’t want to. Stay in the presence of God. It will keep you and it will keep your mind focused. Start your day with devotion (prayer and scripture) and watch how much better your day unfolds.

3. Make time for reflection and Gratitude

  • Take inventory of your many blessings and things you have to be grateful for. We often take the little things for granted. Your little thing is someone’s big thing. Be Grateful. Take time and jot down a list of things that you are grateful for. Putting these things before you will help you continue on your journey of keeping the Faith.

I pray that you all be safe and Blessed

Why do you do it? 🤔

Hey Everyone… Happy New Year and welcome to 2020. I pray that the year has started fresh for you and that you have new insight and the motivation for reaching and attaining your goals. So what you didn’t get a chance to do it in 2019 get up off the ground and get back on that bike and make it happen!

Today I have just a tidbit about motive. Motive can be defined as someone’s reasoning for doing something and there’s also two sides to this spectrum. The motive can be hidden and sometimes plain obvious. I want to prune and ask the world’s famous question WHY? Why are you doing it? I want to refocus our heart and minds of Why we do a certain thing. I believe that this is the building block of our success. Are we doing this for recognition, wealth, out of jealousy, or just because we like what the other person is doing. Businesses are created because there was a problem and based on that problem they are the solution. Plumbers are in business to come and fix a leaking pipe or a tub that won’t drain. They are available to fix the problem. So we can conclude that a businesses “why” is based on providing services for their consumer needs.

So now I question your “why”? Often times we find ourselves (me included) doing something that we started out thinking was cool or trendy then we stop because maybe it didn’t give us the success we wanted or didn’t give us our big break. Your why should be based on a solid variable.

Having a pure motive will always win. In today’s time we need more honest and genuine clean motives behind our dwellings, because if their not true or tainted, they will show up eventually. Connect your motive with your passion. If your ultimate passion is to put a smile on someone’s face then motive or motivation for doing so won’t change because your goal is to make people feel happy.

As you go through your day today, take a quick inventory of what you are apart of and ask yourself why do I do this?


Brandon B