Embrace Opportunities

I can’t believe that we are in the 5 month of 2016 already. It seems like Christmas was yesterday. Even the seasons are moving fast. Over the past few months I’ve been faced with many opportunities. Some of the opportunities were well viewed. I mean you were able to see the pros and cons of the opportunities and then some of them you had to dig  a little deeper or as I said in some blogs ago “Take a chance”. No matter the walk of life we chose, we will always be faced with opportunity which lead us to making the decision of saying “yay” or Nay”. As always when I want to gain more clarity on topics, I take a look at their meaning.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Opportunity as a favorable juncture of circumstances, “the halt provided an opportunity for rest and refreshment” or a good chance for advancement or progress. So many times I’ve encountered opportunities and didn’t understand the outcome so I made my decision based on my knowledge and experience of the present moment. What I’ve come to realize when accepting and opportunities, it is simply what you make of it. Of course some of us probably can relate to having a opportunity come up and it sounded good at surface, and was promising.  I remember working with a company about 5 years ago, they presented me with an opportunity to advance and it did come with more responsibility. So I buckled down and went above and beyond the call of duty to show that I was more than capable of handling more responsibilities. Months and months past and I seriously got tired of the false hope that was given from my boss, so I resigned. So for a while I had become weary of hearing the excitement of opportunities and just saying no thanks because of the world we live in today we say “I want it Now”.

Nowadays, I’ve been able to let myself go and make the decision of taking every opportunity that comes to me. I’ve learned that every thing you do or want to acquire is going to require some work and effort. You may get it handed to you but in order to keep it and maintain it, you’re going to have to put some elbow into it. You never know what creativity or gift you will tap into just by stepping out and learning something new. Don’t let the opportunity make you, You make the opportunity!


Love is Like a Muscle

             Something that has been on my heart lately is Love. Everyone desires it and seeks it. I’ve come to conclusion that Love should get pass the levels of the verbal recognition of “I Love You”. Usually, when you develop a level of trust for someone, you’ve actually gain some type of Love. Think about it… Love is like a muscle… If you flexed your bicep you could easily see the muscle… just as if I said I love you, you sense there’s some type of love there but it doesn’t stops there. Love is like a muscle… the harder you work those muscles, the more those muscles and veins peek out and show. Just as Love, the more you love someone, the more you want to show it. You push forward the verbal “I Love you” to the visual form of Love…

1.buying random gifts

2. sending random cards

3. random dates

4.a just because surprises on the job

                              Flex your muscles and show some real Love Today


Have you ever found yourself waking up everyday and doing that same old routine?

Whether it’s getting up, heading to your 9 to 5 and repeating the same thing over and over! I’ve come to realization that before you know it 10 years has dissolved and yet that one dream that you had in mind you never get to do or it just continues to get pushed and pushed back. I’m challenging myself for the rest of the month to reach and grab those dreams and goals that I’ve set up but put off. Most of us who are on our 9 to 5 are not in the place of our destiny but were doing it because it pays the bills and keeps some coins in our pockets. I just believe that God did not give us all of the talents and creativities to sit down on but yet these gifts could actually make room for us. Take time out and work the Gift within you. Step off your Merry -Go- Round of boredom… Step off Your Merry-Go Round of Defeat… Step off your Merry- Go- Round and Live. Tell yourself today…. I will step off the Merry Go Round and do some things different…. Step on to the Rollercoaster and see how high it takes you… Yes, you might have some falls (failures) but learn from them and keep going. That’s the one thing about a rollercoaster, it keeps going. I challenge you, Step Off!



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