Here Comes the Purge

Hello Family! I hope everyone is making their way to family for the Thanksgiving Holiday and I hope that everyone is safe and blessed.

                                         Garbage Can

 I was working around the house the other day doing laundry and I noticed some clothes and shoes that I don’t wear anymore but still yet they were in my closet. I asked myself “why are you holding on to this”? mind you the clothes were now too small and I don’t plan on losing weight in my chest or arms (those are the good parts) but why was I still holding to them? So I started to think and to dissect this situation. Did they have any sentimental value? Nope. Were they a collectors item? Nope. So I kept going back to why do I still have it? Suddenly,  I gathered a bag and started putting all of the things together that were old and that I wasn’t going to be wearing anymore.

Shortly, I got the revelation behind this for life’s journey ahead. There are many things that we have around us that just become garbage and waste. I know for me it becomes a distraction. In this season, I have been working on “focus” and trying to stay focused on my goals and what really matters. If we don’t take the time purge the things that we don’t have need anymore, they may just end up holding us back. Some of the things might not be materials. They could be connections, relationships, friendships, the way we think, or even the way we learn. Now I’m not saying go and start befriending people because I believe that everyone needs someone and somebody but if the connection or friendship is causing you to not move forward or is toxic then purge it. As I’ve stated before in another blog, God created life to move and with moving it moves forward. God’s word stays the same and yes he is the same God but he is a God of Progression. He wants us to grow. He wants us to be better.

Purging comes and will start to happen when we begin to release. As much as we want to be superman and batman and act like we are made of steel, we all have hearts and souls. In order for us to grow and move forward, we must let some things go. Just like a growing baby can’t fit the same onesie that he wore at 2 months and now at 24 months. Some stuff has to go, and not only that… You will not have need for it anymore! So I say to you dear friends purge and get rid of the dead weight that’s holding you and keeping you from moving forward. This will only help you gain focus on what really matters.


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Wisdom for the Over-Thinker

So I was brainstorming some ideas of what to jot down from my next blog post and I wanted to write something that is heart filled but relatable. So begin to take inventory of what’s actually going on with me in this season, so here it goes.

Each and every year I make declarations for the year and one them was to take every opportunity that comes my way. Step out of the box and get out of the boat. I’ve noticed that my biggest hang up here is not knowing what the outcome will be. So, instead of messing something up or losing I just won’t try and would just press snooze on the opportunity. All of the voices would come and say…. I’m not good enough, try it next time, and I would simply overthink the opportunity and lose it and then be mad that I didn’t do it.

I’ve realized that this is a cycle that I have to break and the only way to break it is by doing the complete opposite of what those voices are telling you.

I remember up until 2 years ago, I never knew how to swim. When I was 11 I had an almost drowning experience and developed a fear for water. So after that 5 years, pass by then 10 and now I was a full adult and never knew how to swim. There were many opportunities that arose that would help me learn how to swim but I had just got comfortable with not knowing and never learning how to.

In 2016 a great friend of mines came to me and said we should take swimming lessons. Immediately I said ok, because I had to show her how strong I was and that I was up for the task but  instead I was so scared lol. We signed up for classes and the classes were made for adults learning to swim. It didn’t feel so bad once I started because I ended up being the youngest in the class.

If I had never stepped out of the boat of fear and grabbed the opportunity to learn how to swim I would’ve missed it. As an over thinker we must understand that everything doesn’t have to be over thought. Sometimes you just need to go with the wave. The outcome was great. I was so excited when I learned. I’m also able to put my head in the water while showering. (The fear of drowning really had me). All I’m saying is don’t let fear or doubt stop you from taking the opportunity that stands before you.

I pray and hope that you will begin to take the opportunity that is presented to you so that you can reach you destiny.


Why you shouldn’t Live in your head? For the Over-Thinker

I know it’s been a while since I wrote, but I’m gaining my motivation back and thanks to my brother Bryan who is always encouraging me to pull out that pen and paper or tablet and get to writing and make it happen. So here I am. I just want to share something that has been on my heart and something that I’m reevaluating.

Judging from this title, you might be asking what is this about, and what is an over thinker. An over thinker is someone who analyzes and evaluates a formula for life, a problem, or anything. It can be simple as cleaning a pair of gym shoes. The objective is to clean the shoes but as an over thinker we would weigh out all of the factors before actually cleaning the shoe. What factors exist here?… I’m glad you asked me… 

  1. What type of shoe cleaner should i use? 
  2. Should I use something that contains bleach?
  3. Should I wash my sneakers over the kitchen sink?
  4. Should I wash them over the bathroom tub?
  5. Should i toss them into the washer machine?

And so on

So we have one objective but many factors to getting them done and most of the time if we can’t figure out the equation, we will just discontinue the task at hand. Mannn this used to be me for everything but as I get older I do understand that this very skill and characteristic can also be my flaw. Sometimes you just need to do it. Everything we do in life doesn’t need to be broken down into many factors for us to get the answer or to see the end. This is why many of us won’t start nothing or won’t even finished what we have started because we’re too busy over thinking the situation. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

Release It

Getting out of your head will help you to stop overthinking but how do we do this? We must actually live and learn to release. The thing we’re thinking and stressing about we must release. Release it in writing, talking it out to a friend, or standing on top of a mountain and screaming it out. 

Jump In & Do it

If it something that you’re trying to do or wanting to do but fear is stopping you and you’re sitting and contemplating  yes or no, then I encourage you to just jump in and do it. I’m speaking from experience. This is something that I have been doing for the past year in a half. I just jump in and the outcome of it has always been a blessing. It always seems to connect to something bigger and better from where I started from. 

Use your SuperPower for Good

I think Over thinker’s have a gift. Being analytical isn’t always a bad thing if it’s for the right thing. In a board meeting with a CEO, the team expects you to be analytical because we can’t just have you throwing out your 30 second idea and you haven’t figured out how it will be financed or if it would be a risk for the business. We also must be aware that everything doesn’t require our superpower. If you have questions you want to ask a friend or your spouse in a relationship but you rather sit and formulate, investigate, and send smoke signals then you living in your head is just going to dig you deeper hole than what you’re already in. Jump in… use the tool communication and save  your SuperPower for something worth it. People get paid lots of money to think and to analyze a problem. 

Thank you for reading. 

Life: The Good the Bad the Ugly

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve taken a break from writing but now I feel the urge to pull the pen out and jot somethings down. So stay tuned for my post. Please Comment, Share, and Subscribe.

I’ve titled this post”Life, The Good the Bad and the Ugly because simply that is just what life seems to give you on your journey. Everyday isn’t going to be full of sunshine and flowers. You will cry. You will bleed and you will move on. I realize one major thing about life. It is simply going to move with you or without. So why not stay in the game? Yes, you got fouled and maybe scraped an elbow, but did it kill you? Are your injuries until death?

The Bad & Ugly

I’ve realized that we must continue to move on in this thing called life. We can’t spend months of being mad over something that could have been solved with a phone call or text. Life isn’t promised. You never know when your time might be up. Yes… I get it they hurt our feelings and wronged us but guess what… That’s not going to be the last person that hurts our feelings. Here this… the reason why are feelings do get hurt is because we are all different. We don’t think the same or hurt the same. So it’s bound to happens o just let it go and keep moving on. You’re not alway going to win and get it on the first try but that doesn’t mean to not try again or to try something different.

The Good

Life is Precious and fragile so we should live on Purpose. Don’t waste time wasting time. Everyday you should learn something different. Experience something different. Life is full of surprises but if you’re boxed in to just one type of way of doing something or boxed in to just really not knowing anything further than your boundary then you have really dismissed yourself from the good of life. I myself started doing things different this year. I’ve started by picking new places to eat, trying different foods and even going to cities and places I’ve never been.

If you’re reading this we have all been given this gift of life and you can choose how big you want it to grow or how small. I encourage you to break the limits off of it and Live big. So don’t forget to laugh, live, love and Enjoy the Good Life!




Hey Everyone… I know, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog but here I am. I am back!

I have 2 words that should wake you up.


Everyone was birth with a Destiny, a Gift, and a Purpose.

Everyone has their own lane and road that they must travel.

I know it’s super easy to look at someones life and want to be them. As a child we all had heroes and people we wanted to be. So we spend time investing and duplicating our lives to be like someone else not knowing that what we have inside us might be even greater than what were actually chasing.

I charge you to dig deep and discover your Passion. Discover what drives you and fuels you. The Bible says that your gift will make room for you. Some of us are working and pulling doubles to make ends meet, but what about your gift. What could happen if you worked your gift as much as you worked that 9 to 5?

Lastly, there are people in the earth depending on your voice, and gift for them to live. That’s why you matter. I used to be the one who always wanted to play the background and be in the back and didn’t care to get noticed but overtime I started working the gifts I was given and now people ask me… What do you think? What should we do next? How can we fix this? You never know who needs some inspiration or direction just from a few words that you can deliver to them. Again, I charge you to dig deep and grasp it because You Matter!

Only God can Judge me?🤦🏾‍♂️👀

Hello everyone, yes I’ve been under a rock when it comes to blogging but I have been jotting down many topics I’ve wanted to present. So here we go.

Over the years, I’ve seen people and even heard people use this phrase “only God can judge me” and quite as it’s kept are we really paying attention to what we are saying?

As a matter of fact God, will judge us there’s no doubt about it but he’s a sovereign God that created the heavens and the earth. He knows our thoughts before our mouth delivers it… must I say anymore?

When you look at the definition of judge in the context that we use it, it simply is people’s opinion of us. Were using it as a verb. We might have to bite the bullet on this one and gather some toughness because at the end of the day we do care to be judged.

If you are an entrepreneur you care about what your customers think and you want to know if you are indeed catering to their needs and you want to build a relationship so that can keep coming back to you.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and have a fresh idea for something. Many of us take it to a friend and ask our fave question… what do you think?

We may go a concert and someone may ask… how was the concert? Out of our mouth comes criticism and our opinion.

We post a Instagram picture of ourselves in our Sunday’s best and wait for the likes and hearts to come roll in. If it’s a nice pic. Nice outfit, or we just like you we will like it… SN we just judged you.

We sit in church, hear the worship team and hear the Pastor’s sermon. If something’s were off or you didn’t think the sermon was good lol we go share our opinions and criticism to our friends (I hope y’all don’t do that)

We are judging. Is it bad? No.

Our emotions play a huge part in criticism because we only like to hear the good stuff and not the stuff that we need to work on. (Bad stuff… negative comments) In fact those are things that would help us to do better but we’ve build this wall up of “only God can judge me”. When judgement time comes… you won’t have the advantage to reason or negotiate how you think something played out in your life. God will not be asking you for feedback to determine your destination lol

What needs to happen is balance. You can’t run from being judged or judging but we fail to understand that everything doesn’t need our mouth opinion (petty thoughts). If it’s not going to edify or build up someone then keep it silent. Continue to spot check your thoughts, sayings, and actions because at the end of the day you might find yourself saying… don’t judge me, or only God can judge me

I hope this shed light to some.

Notes about Love

Why does Love have to be so thick and fluffy? Love is like getting super glue on your fingertips. The quicker you try to clean it off, the quicker it dries and is stuck to you.

Why does Love make you fall? Love makes you break all of your rules and walls and turns you into a vulnerable tree branch that goes with the current of the wind.

Why does Love cause Fear? Love is like riding a roller coaster in the dark, not being able to see the direction of the ride or journey… the falls, the rises, the turns… all of those drops of your stomach and heart.

Why does Love hurt? Love is thick and you fall for the one that might not understand your deep emotions or understand why you’re stuck to them.

Why is Love ugly? Were all made different and have different love languages. Some verbally say it. Some physically display it. Most don’t understand each other’s language so tug of war begins, stretching, bending, and twisting each other until we see each other’s heart.    

Where is the Beauty in Love? Love is sticky, contagious, risky but beautiful. Hearing that special ringtone designated for that special one after a hard a long day brings excitement of life to our hearts. They want me! Just hearing their voice triggers and stimulates dopamine.

 Why does Love always win? The bible says it clear Love covers over a multitude on Sin. 1 Peter 4:8 If God has demonstrated to us this Great love then why can’t we forgive, move on, and continue to love?

A Quick Note about Love

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog, but today I’m feeling inspired and motivated to say something so here we go.

For the past three months my perspective on somethings have changed and are still changing. I read one day someone’s Facebook status about Jesus’ ministry on earth and how he always demonstrated love. I began to take inventory of this in my life. We often sing the song and say “I want to be like Jesus” we even wore bracelets and t-shirts that proclaimed What Would Jesus Do? Suddenly, it was just a fad of people wearing it and not knowing anything about it. In order to know “What would Jesus Do” you first have to understand what he did. 

Today I want to put the spotlight on Love. Everything Jesus did, he did in Love. I often question myself while handling situations. Is this love? Is cutting folks off, and not forgiving your brother and sister Love? We pray and ask God to forgive us all the time but and then when someone wrong us or call us out of our name, our entire day is messed up and were cutting them off. I am truly guilty of this and am a work in progress. 

All I’m saying is… watch how you treat people and in everything make sure that you are expressing and showing love. Make love an action word and do it by giving someone your time, your hear, your hands to finish a job, and if you feel the need to help someone monetary then do that too. 

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:34-35 


So today I started back running outside. (YAY) Last year I wanted to do some competitions like 5k and 10k and make my way up to half marathon, and possibly Marathon. I mean I may even do the Boston marathon but I let my laziness get in my way and I ended up quitting. I also wanted to find a running buddy or group but couldn’t but as I was running today I heard the words, “Game Over, Start Over”. As if this was my second time to try and get it right.I started to relate this to my life and begin to almost tear up. There’s been so many things that I have tried but gave up and at the end of the game, instead of starting over I just didn’t do it. I’m sure you can relate there’s somethings we’ve tried once and because it didn’t work, we didn’t even give it another try. I can remember playing video games as a child. There I would be stuck at this one level and would try and try again but each time I tried I would use a different approach to see if I could beat it. (You see where I’m going?)

The goal is to never give up. Yes, so you lost that one but one thing you did gain was the experience and for the next time you try, now you know what not to do. Those experiences and trials in our life help us grow stronger. Sometimes we do need to start over. Now that you know what the challenge is like, you know what to expect. So now you can start off stronger and even smarter. Sometimes the answer might just be right in our faces, but because were vexed on one approach of getting the job done, we blow it and (Game Over).

I want to encourage my brothers and sisters who will read this. Just because you lost this time doesn’t mean it’s over. Yes, this trial and segment of the game might read “Game Over” but I dare your “Start Over” and get back in the game!

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