A Quick Note about Love

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog, but today I’m feeling inspired and motivated to say something so here we go.

For the past three months my perspective on somethings have changed and are still changing. I read one day someone’s Facebook status about Jesus’ ministry on earth and how he always demonstrated love. I began to take inventory of this in my life. We often sing the song and say “I want to be like Jesus” we even wore bracelets and t-shirts that proclaimed What Would Jesus Do? Suddenly, it was just a fad of people wearing it and not knowing anything about it. In order to know “What would Jesus Do” you first have to understand what he did. 

Today I want to put the spotlight on Love. Everything Jesus did, he did in Love. I often question myself while handling situations. Is this love? Is cutting folks off, and not forgiving your brother and sister Love? We pray and ask God to forgive us all the time but and then when someone wrong us or call us out of our name, our entire day is messed up and were cutting them off. I am truly guilty of this and am a work in progress. 

All I’m saying is… watch how you treat people and in everything make sure that you are expressing and showing love. Make love an action word and do it by giving someone your time, your hear, your hands to finish a job, and if you feel the need to help someone monetary then do that too. 

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:34-35 


So today I started back running outside. (YAY) Last year I wanted to do some competitions like 5k and 10k and make my way up to half marathon, and possibly Marathon. I mean I may even do the Boston marathon but I let my laziness get in my way and I ended up quitting. I also wanted to find a running buddy or group but couldn’t but as I was running today I heard the words, “Game Over, Start Over”. As if this was my second time to try and get it right.I started to relate this to my life and begin to almost tear up. There’s been so many things that I have tried but gave up and at the end of the game, instead of starting over I just didn’t do it. I’m sure you can relate there’s somethings we’ve tried once and because it didn’t work, we didn’t even give it another try. I can remember playing video games as a child. There I would be stuck at this one level and would try and try again but each time I tried I would use a different approach to see if I could beat it. (You see where I’m going?)

The goal is to never give up. Yes, so you lost that one but one thing you did gain was the experience and for the next time you try, now you know what not to do. Those experiences and trials in our life help us grow stronger. Sometimes we do need to start over. Now that you know what the challenge is like, you know what to expect. So now you can start off stronger and even smarter. Sometimes the answer might just be right in our faces, but because were vexed on one approach of getting the job done, we blow it and (Game Over).

I want to encourage my brothers and sisters who will read this. Just because you lost this time doesn’t mean it’s over. Yes, this trial and segment of the game might read “Game Over” but I dare your “Start Over” and get back in the game!

My Piano Teacher

Welcome back and thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog. I hope you be inspired by the small nuggets I write and declare. Stay tuned and remember always come back and check out my blog for Blog Wednesdays.

Some of you may know that I went to a performing arts high school. The school range from grades 6-12. So,  at about 9 years old I started fumbling around with a toy keyboard that I had gotten for Christmas. I would spend hours playing and carrying it around the house and pretty soon I was able to play back what I heard from the radio and TV. I was able to pluck out the melody. My parents caught on to this, and said “maybe there’s something here”. So next Christmas I got a 61 Keyboard and was able to play some of the songs the keyboard came with. After seeing my interest in piano, my parents decided to have me audition for the Emerson School Performing Arts school in Gary, IN as a piano major. I remember the audition like it was yesterday. I came to the school highly prepared with my boombox, because I was going to play along with the track.

I walked in, set down and the piano teacher begin asking me a few questions and then I sat at a baby grand piano for the first time in my life. She asked what I was going to play and I replied ” Donnie McClurkin’s We Fall Down”. So I pressed play on my boombox and begin to play it. At that time I thought I was doing some big stuff, but I only played the melody using both hands!!!! I didn’t know what the word melody was or octave or anything. After a few weeks I received a letter in the mail, saying congratulations I had been accepted and at that moment my musical journey began.
I want to introduce to some my piano teacher and friend Judith Neville. She was indeed the piano teacher at the audition who seen the gift inside me and took a chance on letting me into the school. I didn’t know how to read music, or understand any terminology going in, but I owe it to her for being an amazing Teacher. You always hear the term, teachers don’t make enough. I always took the saying literal because most teachers I seen had nice cars but it wasn’t about the money. Teachers are mothers, fathers, counselors, therapist, and so much more to the students that they teach.

I’ve said enough about me but I want to dedicate this blog to my teacher Mrs. Neville. She’s now moved into one of her dreams and now has her own piano studio in Valparaiso, IN.

I want you all to visit her site and if you are in the area and are looking to take lessons, this is the place to do them!

Clicking below will take you to her website.

Be Open

The past week I had conversations with many people and the same thing kept coming up. I would realize how someone was scared to break tradition or ritual in order to make something better or even to finish a task. How could we get caught up in keeping up with the way we’ve done something and not get stellar results or no results at all.

Don’t get me wrong, some traditions are good and can become customary such as family gatherings and such, but I’m talking about in everyday life. If you know the ending to your process doesn’t get you results then why keep doing it. It’s sort of like a parent teaching their child how to ride a bike and how to balance their weight and pedal. Some parents like mine, put training wheels on my bike, so I was able to ride without no worries… but the process hasn’t been complete, by tradition I know that when I rode my bike that I would be secured due to the training wheels. Taking the training wheels off would get me through the process and eventually I would learn to ride the bike without them.

Some of us stay at stage 1 in life and keep our training wheel on.

I shout it out today for you to Be Open. Open to receive and learn. Learning never stops at any age. We tend to put limits on ourselves about what were not going to do anymore because we felt like were just too old for that. So we box ourselves in and stay closed.

The precious gift that was given to us was life and one thing about life, it’s going to go on with you or without. Notice, every single day the human body changes and constantly adapt. Even if you decided not to come out the house for twenty four hours, your body still would shift, and change.

So why not be open and accept the moment and move Forward.

Ladies and Gentleman, I encourage you all to Be Open!

The Train Ride Back to Life 

Hey everyone… it’s been a long time since I posted! 

Honestly I didn’t have the urge to write and didn’t feel inspired. I always hear in my head my best friend telling me to write down everything because your story is going to help someone down the line.

Yesterday,  I took the train into the city for the first time since I was an adult. I am the type of person that loves to drive and would rather be in control of my commute and not have to wait on anyone or anybody and most definitely not wait for a Train.

While on the train I had the chance to relax and take in the scenery I also go to see other people from all walks of life and how some were suited and booted going to work and some were dressed casual as if they were just on for the ride. 

Even though I was needing the train for transportation for work, I was just on for the ride. I quickly became inspired with some ideas for business and writing. I was able to listen to myself inhale and exhale. 

Everything was calm and peaceful.

The revelation behind this train ride is simply this… Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break from wanting to be in control of everything. Some of us say, “God is in control” yet let him control what’s going on around us. Once we learn to let go then the world of living can come alive. When I drive into the city, sometimes I don’t even recognize that I’ve passed Lake Michigan. 

I hope this encourages you to remember to live in the moment. 

Holiday Time/Gift Time

   So a week ago I wrote a status on Facebook of how i felt about this Holiday Season. Yes, Christmas time we make it about gifts, gifts, and gifts. Stores stay open late and make up sales to get you spend money to buy those so called gifts. This year I’ve felt God tugging on my heart and I begin to take inventory on how blessed I am. When I did this, I told myself that I didn’t want anything but instead I want to be a blessing for someone who is need. There’s a lot of that “want” a lot of things. I could give you “Brandon’s top 10” list right now of things I want, but do I really “need” them? Most of our answers would be no. As we look in our community we see those that aren’t as fortunate and those who are struggling to make ends meet. So why not be a blessing to someone. From a biblical standpoint we see God gave us the ultimate gift and that was his son Jesus. There was in fact a “need”. 

So I would like to challenge everyone that reads this to help your sister or brother who is need and be a blessing to them.

Happy Holidays! 

Thinking Out Loud & Being Honest

It’s been a minute since I’ve wrote something but here I am now.

Something that I’ve realized this past couple months is this… People can see something in you at times and see it from the beginning of them meeting you but until you can see it for yourself you will ignore it. Over the years I’ve had people say your a business man or your a musician without me ever saying I do music or have a love for business. I would question God and say, “Is this true”? Is this where I’m suppose to be? As I stated earlier in the year on one of my post that I am the Overthinker and if I can’t come to a solution from Brandon’s Head University then It’s a no go were not doing it. I rather not do it and not Fail rather than try and maybe succeed and Fail. That’s really what it comes down to when you try something… You have that 50/50 chance that this might work. At least you have something to bank on and learn from if you do fail but not trying gives you zero results. 

I just want to encourage everyone to not waste time and to get started on your dreams. We all have gifts and talents and if its tugging on you to dig deeper and work the gift then do just that, but do it 100%.

Will you Connect the Dots?

I’ve been puzzled on this thought for some time and now I’m just going to lay it out on paper and let you hear my insight.

I’ve always been the kind of person that stuck to a certain method or wasn’t really open to trying something new. Kind of like the 5 year old who says no to eating broccoli or any green vegetable. They don’t know the importance of it, but all they know is that it doesn’t taste sweet like a snack. So they rule out everything associated in that category and call it nasty. Even as adults we are the same way. Where does this come from? I’m glad you ask me. Most of it is a sense of “fear”. If you’ve never went golfing but say that you don’t like to do it, How would you ever know that you don’t like it? If you’ve never been to a concert but you say you don’t like crowds and think they’re overrated, how would you really know that you don’t like Concerts?

We must begin to connect the dots in our Life. Connecting the dot means living through and going through it. We have to remember to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to try it even if you have negative thoughts about it, you might even learn to like it, once you’re in the moment of it.

If we don’t connect the Dots, we will become dull, boring, and dried up LOL

No honestly, there’s so much more to life than what we think. If we could see pass our down falls and the things that we are going through and actually find some type of Joy around it, then we could discover and continue to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go for a bike ride. I usually go with a friend but they were unavailable. So going on this bike ride for me was a test. I wanted to take the trail by my house, so I did just that. While on the trail, I looked to my left, and seen this body of water out of no where. So I slowed down and turned around. I found an opening and walked my bike through. There it was, I was only 5 mins. away from my house and discovered this piece of land and water. It was a park, but just not any park. It was breath taking and quiet! I’ve never looked at nature (God’s creation) in a peaceful way like this. There was even a bench in front of the lake. So i set down and listened to what was around me. It was so refreshing. if I had I never got up the courage up to ride my bike alone, this moment would have never happened. So will you connect the dots given to you?


New Leaf Turned… Ready for this Adventure

My birthday was September 4th! I have a lot of plans for this new year of Life… I feel like i have a fresh start all over again.

I want to make this year of 27 breath taking. I want to work my hardest to reach my goals and dreams and jump on any and

Every opportunity that comes my way. I have lots to write about and will be sharing more upcoming soon. Stay tune! 

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