Overchoice: The Blessing & Curse of having too many Options

Hello Family! I hope you all are doing well and are healthy. Yes, it’s been too long. I sound like a broken record but I plan to do more writing and especially uploading more content. I have been working on my YouTube channel. If you guys would be so kindly to go over there and subscribe because some of the content here will become a visual form afterwhile. The link is here https://youtube.com/user/blb0812

So let’s jump in. You know I am always taking inventory of my life and where I am and where I want to be. I think that it is very crucial for us to do this from time to time. Don’t wait for the new year to come to start setting goals. You can start today! I find myself running into the issue of starting something but not completing the task and even sometimes not starting at all because there’s just too many distractions OR aka options. A great friend of mines asked if I would join him last month in writing everyday a gratitude journal. I did this for the month of October. Starting out was easy because it was super easy to get the simple things out. It’s like in prayer. The way I start every prayer that I prayer is honoring God for who he is. Not asking him for anything but honoring and reverencing him for just being God, then second is repentance, followed by petitions. So I noticed for the first 2 weeks of gratitude journaling, my thankfulnesses mirrored my prayers but after 2 weeks I had to dig deeper. I actually had to think differently from just surface or face value because I had used all of those. I must admit some days I just wanted to hurry up and get the post done for the day, so that I could say I completed the task for that day. In today’s world, that’s usually how we are. We’re not connected with the essence and probably don’t understand the “why” or the motive becomes flawed. It was then that I discovered the danger of having too many options. I begin to think about the homeless and how I’m able to go to my closet and spend 2 to 5 minutes thinking about what shoe to wear today or what shirt to iron. Meanwhile, the homeless person only has 1 pair of shoes and maybe 1 shirt to wear because there’s no options but that’s just the only option. After this revelation, I begin to think more broad on the actual things that I overlook and sometimes take for granted. I also discovered how having too many options could easily make you forget about gratitude. Think about it. If you only had one option or there was one only way you could get something done, it would get done. You wouldn’t ponder or get big eyed over a situation. After carefully review, I realized that having too many options can be a curse because you sometimes you could never make up your mind and decide on something vs the person who only has that 1 option. I believe it’s in these moments where we must continue to recalibrate and come back into alignment with who we are and continue to walk in gratitude.

Now let me go to the other side of this. Yes, having options is great and can be a blessing. BUT, we must be careful not to walk in pride or greed with it. Always remember there is someone out there wishing they had an ounce of what you have. What you might have a lot of someone is in lack of. I also believe that we must have balance. What are you full of? Is it wealth, wisdom, knowlege? Maybe the reason why you can’t make up your mind on something is because you have too many options and are just full. Give something away, and not just the extra or scraps but some of the good stuff. I am a believer in being a giver. People who give always have more coming back to them because they are givers. So the next time you are having trouble picking out what to wear because you can’t decide if you should do the cotton black tie or the silk black tie, remember in that moment someone wish they had just one black tie to wear. Be grateful, be a giver, and be the best version of yourself you can. I love you!

Moving Pass the Feeling of Defeat

Happy Wednesday Fam! I pray that everyone is well and staying safe. I just wanted to share something that has been on my heart and that I deal with from time time. Yall see it already. “Feelings” yup we all have them us men included. Often times I find myself in my own thoughts of being overwhelm with so much to do, so many ideas, wanting to help this person and that. I often would just curl up and sit in the house and not do a thing. Now of course we should be in the house lol but I’m referring to not being productive and feeling sorry for myself. Seems like it’s so quick to slip in but it starts subtle and before you know it, you’ve spent 3 days in a funk and haven’t did anything and don’t even know why, but you feel defeated like you’ve lost and you don’t know why. If you can relate then I want to encourage you on today. This was just me on yesterday. I have 5 things that you can do to help you move along out of these bumps in the road.

1. Be ok with not knowing the end and not understanding the outcome

This one is one a huge for me. I’m an over thinker and often want to know and see the end before I even start it and if it’s cloudy or can’t be seen I will not start it or deal with it. I think it comes with being a perfectionist and not wanting to fail at the things that I do But we must be ok with not knowing the end. That is the beauty of life. You have to go through things to gain understanding and knowledge. Book knowledge and youtube vids are good resources but sometimes you have to actually go through it yourself so that you can experience it up close and personal. Here, you’ll learn things about yourself, you never knew and if you fail, you’ll learn what not to do and what works.

2. Talk it out

I have a hard time explaining myself to people and being vulnerable and letting folks in. Now be mindful, you don’t have to go around telling everybody your business but pray and ask God to place those people who will help build you and who can help you get through that you’re going through. God has blessed me with some amazing friends whom I’ve adopted as family. Yesterday, for example, I felt so defeated and I felt like I was completed stuck in neutral. I happen to be texting one of my good friends and was telling him about how I was feeling. He instantly encouraged me to keep pressing on. It was those simple words that I read that got me up and back at it. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that fire us up and motivate us to keep on pushing. So yes, talk it out, express yourself. Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest and off of you

3. Find your motivation! What is it that brings you joy or that takes your mind away from your current situation

So yesterday while I was feeling defeated and stuck. I simply jumped on the keys (my piano) and started to play. After 5 minutes I started to become overwhelmed with a feeling of Joy and Peace. I had played myself happy and restored myself back to life. After that I went to the gym and completed my day. It was like God had smiled on me and I had got back on track where I needed to be. I encourage you to find that thing that puts your mind at ease. If it’s reading a book or calling up a friend to talk. Just do it and keep moving on.

I hope this helps when you’re having those low moments Be blessed!

Why We Must Stay a Student

Hey Family! I hope that all is well with you and that we are plowing through our week and achieving our goals and getting closer to our dreams.

I wanted to share with you this quick tidbit. I wrote this message in my phone a couple of weeks ago and it stuck with me. You might ask, what is he talking about from the title. We often take being a student being associated with being in school or college but I want to dive deeper and take it to our everyday lives. With the world constantly changing by the day, it is very important that we keep our eyes and ears open to knowing what’s changed and what is changing and what’s next to come. I could remember like it was yesterday. Picture it, turning on the computer and waiting for that connection to go thru via Dial up, and waiting to hear those three words, “You’ve Got mail”. Crazy right! Do you remember? Having to lose out on talking on the phone because you were wanting to go online to play your favorite game or to look something up. Now of course, our internet has changed for the better and we are instantly and sometimes always connected now because we have designated lines and signals just for internet. So why must we stay a student? I have 3 Reasons why we must stay a student. I’ll keep it short and simple for you. Let’s go

1. We must stay a student because Technology changes and will change

I remember back in the day you had to actual go to the place to pay your bill or call in and pay your bill. Now that is becoming more and more obsolete. Bill pay online has become the new norm. Even having an email address is not optional. You cannot operate a smartphone in 2020 without having an email address. With that be said… we must make it our business to be open to learn this new technology so that we don’t get left behind. So every so often you should sit down and listen to a tech reviewer on youtube or open up a book to learn the latest trends in tech so that you don’t get left behind. I remember when you booked a hotel you were given the room that the hotel assigned for you, but now you have the choice of actually picking out your room, and now you even have the option to use your phone as the 🔑 to get in. Stay a student and keep learning all that you can .

2. We must stay a student because you don’t know everything

Say it with me, “I don’t know everything”. I believe that’s the reason why God made so many cultures and different races of people so that we wouldn’t look stale or outdated or just regular. If I only know what it is to come from a African American background then I would never be able to relate to anyone else. Learning and studying culture helps us connect with other people. Not only that we can share our food, our struggles, our victories. It’s a blessing to be able to learn from a different culture. I know we all love Mexican food, me personally am a fan of Italian. The best way to learn how to make these foods and to keep them authentic is by studying the culture and their methods. Study= Student.

3. We must stay a student because there is always something to learn

Have you ever went to youtube and started watching something and another related video comes up and before you know it another comes up and all of sudden you find yourself watching 5 videos when you only wanting 1. It happens to me all the time. I’ve watched locomotive videos, car repair videos, and all sorts of content. What I discovered is that there is always something out there to learn and pick up. I feel that we count ourselves short when we just stick to what we know and never get outside of our box to see how far we could go. Don’t get caught up in the usual or the easy comfortable routine of this is me. Try something new every once in a while. By nature we are creatures of habit and I guarantee if you decide to make a habit of learning something you didn’t know, then you would be on your way to Staying Student!

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