Comfort Zones 

Have you ever been at a place in your life where you felt like you wanted more or you wanted to try something different? You never seem happy with where you currently reside in life but you just don’t know how to step into the mode of mobility to move.

Comfort Zones are dangerous and can stunt your growth.  While in your comfort zone everything looks pleasing and doable. It’s like being trapped inside a tall box that stands 10 feet and you only stand 5 feet and you can’t see outside of the box. So you become immune to it and learn to live with it. Before you know it, you’ve created a ceiling for this box and cannot see yourself outside of it.

You can never reach new goals or become successful by being comfortable. You must become uncomfortable.

4 thoughts on “Comfort Zones 

  1. How do we got out of those comfort zones? The reality is – when something is truly comfortable le its hard to move from that place unless we are forced. Take for example I have this black dress I looooooooove it fits like a glove and is comfortable- Now all of my friends hate to see me in the dress, but the dress is perfect it can be worn causal or dressed up. Now I know the ONLY way I get rid of that dress is if it falls apart , even then ill try my best to salvage it. How do we get out of these zones and not be afraid to do more? I know God has not given us the spirit of fear but naturally we are afraid- no one wants to fail- but EVERYONE wants to be great.


  2. This is epic! i love how you talk about overcoming comfort zones. Comfort Zones are deceptively safe, but they will keep me stagnant. I love how you said to grow I have to get uncomfortable. I guess the forced movement makes me go towards my goals. Comfort makes me think I have arrived, especially when I have just started the journey.

    I will continue to Be Great!


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