Gift Giving with Purpose

As we know every year around this time we go out and buy gifts for family and friends. Some of our gift giving maybe meaningful and then some gift giving is just because you got me something, I now feel obligated to return the gesture. Is that really giving?

We acknowledge Christmas and consider this Gift to be the ultimate gift, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Indeed, that gift was very meaningful to us. So why do we give without meaning? Why do we shower our children with gifts but never teach them the meaning of giving?

It is so much more than just buying presents and swiping our credit cards.

Here is some things to consider to help add meaning to your gift giving now and for the Future

  1. Give someone a gift based on their needs vs. their wants
  2. Surprise someone who wouldn’t expect a gift
  3. Give to someone who is less fortunate and can’t afford it
  4. A simple Christmas card can add Joy and can put a smile on someone’s face
  5. In person visits with family & friends are always meaningful gifts, some people become lonely around the holiday season.


Merry Christmas






One thought on “Gift Giving with Purpose

  1. This was a WONDERFUL post about giving and remembering the reason for the season. Thank you for reminding me of the purpose behind giving. I will take one of your suggestions and visit with someone who may be lonely on Christmas.

    Keep the posts coming. You’re a blessing.


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