Let it Go 

A friend not too long ago gave me a simple command and said “Let it Go”. When I heard these 3 words it startled me. I mean I was terrified. Are you out of your mind? After all that I’ve been through and sacrificed, I’m just suppose to “Let it Go”. 
How many times have we held on to something or someone that wasn’t good for us? I just ran out of fingers trying to type and count! What I’ve realized that the situation is even deeper than it seems. Somewhere along the lines we can become comfortable with our situation and actually become numb to the feeling of being hurt or let down. I mean we become used to the motions. It’s become our Secuirty Blanket, because this is the place that we know and that we love so deeply. As I’ve said before our comfort zone can become our crutch. 

So I’ve decided to let the crutch go and see what happens. I actually did what my friend told me to do and simply just “Let it Go”.
It’s the only way that we can move forward in life. We were not made to hold things inside us and pretend that everything is ok because in the long run it’s going to come out and we will have to deal with it eventually. 

Take inventory of your life ask yourself
What are somethings that I need to let go?
Let’s be Free and Move Forward

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