While You’re in the Waiting Room

Hey family! I’m officially saying Happy New Year for the first time. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you are well and safe and living your best life in 2022.

Today I have a nugget for those of you who feel like they are in a waiting room called life. Waiting for the next big thing to happen. Waiting for the new job, new house, new city, and etc. You are not alone. I’m in the same waiting room probably right across the hall from you or even sitting right next to you. First things first though. Give yourself some grace. Do you know how hard it is to get into the waiting room? You got up, got dressed, drove yourself and showed up. You took a number, signed in and found a comfortable sit until your time came up in the waiting room. Let’s take a moment to celebrate right now. This might include you going to that job you hate everyday. Can I get a amen? Putting in a all nighter to get your paper turned in. Putting tons and tons of applications in and waiting to hear back from a job for employment. Celebrate the milestone and the place you are in right now fam. It could be worse and I’m sure if you took a look over your shoulder you could see the progress even if they were baby steps or giant leaps of faith you took to make it to the place that you are in.

I am here. In the waiting room, now what?

Now that we’ve celebrated your 1st accomplishment, we can now get ready to rise to the next level. Over the past 2 months I have been looking for another job and if I can be honest it hasn’t been easy. You constantly hear news outlets talk about nobody wants to work but when you put 10 to 15 applications in over the weekend religiously and hear nothing for the entire upcoming week from any place you applied for is frustrating. You start doubting yourself and losing yourself. Am I not a good fit? Why wasn’t I chosen? Are they going to call me? This has been my experience for the past two months. I did receive some calls from jobs. I even interviewed and was told I was moved to the next phase but received crickets after that. No call back, no email. Oh and get this one. I got notification to do a phone interview. Carved out time to do it and 30 mins before the phone interview, I got a email that the position was filled and that the interview was cancelled. Like really, what gives. So I’ve been frustrated while in my waiting room. I was constantly asking God why am I still here? Why can’t I move on? His response to me was clear and he simply said to keep doing what you’re doing and do it well. The job you’re at, don’t slack, but do it well. Keep applying and do it well. Use what you have now and do it well. I’m often reminded of the times I would have to go into a place of business and there was a waiting room. You would see people reading books, newspapers as they waited. Some could be doing it leisurely and some could be doing it for personal development but whatever it is while you’re in your waiting room keep doing something. Don’t stop and sit. Keep doing what you’re doing well and when you’re bored with that learn something else in your spare time. So that when your name is called you’ll be completely ready.

Friends that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Keeping busy while waiting has saved my mind from racing with my thoughts. I have tons of things to work on but my mind prioritizes failure or something that hasn’t come through yet as a red flag and high priority. I would spend hours and days pondering on why something went the way it did.

The first week of January started off amazing for me. Remember those jobs I was talking about? Well I got a call and had several interviews and then at the start of this week I had another job opportunity oh and at the end of last week I had a company reach out to me to do a review on YouTube for them (shameless plug) go subscribe to my YouTube channel ☺️. So I’ve been keeping busy and trusting God and doing what I do in this exact moment well.

So friends, I encourage you while you are in your waiting room to pull out your journal of goals, pull out that business plan, and begin to get busy while you wait for your next big thing to happen. I love you Be encouraged, Be Blessed!

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