Why Do I Workout?

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I Pray you are all doing well. I wanted to share something that has been dear to me for quite sometime. You got it, Health! I’ll say it one more time for those who are just tuning in but I just turned 31 and I’ve really been ramping up things a bit in my life. I really want to be the best version of myself that I can be in this life time. During the pandemic I’ve heard and read a lot of people talking about self care and overall just taking care of yourself. When I turned 30 I feel like the check engine light came on. 30 told me that you’re getting a lil older and it will require you to do a bit more than what you were doing in your 20s. You know when you’re young that’s your excuse for everything. I’m young, this won’t bother me. Like skipping meals and breakfast. I’m young, I can go through out the day without eating like it’s an achievement only to find out you could be damaging your metabolism. So I want to share with you the “why” behind my workouts and what my goals are. I hope this inspires you to get up and move, so that you can live a healthy life.

I choose to workout because it helps relieve stress. This is actually scientifically proven that working out can help the body deal with stress. I always feel like Superman after a good workout. I feel like I can conquer anything that comes at me and it really gives me tunnel vision for whatever I’m focused on or for those things I have to get done, like writing this blog. Every workout isn’t the same and will not be the same. Your body will respond differently every single day. There’s days I want to just chill but those are the days I perform my best. I always think how would the successful people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs get anything completed if they only did everything based on feelings and how they felt for that time. In life we will have to do things we don’t want to do like lacing up those shoes and hitting the pavement but when I think about how I will feel after I’m done. The motivation sets in and pulls me in.

Lastly, I choose to workout because I’m always inspired by something. For my spiritual folks, the Lord really speaks to me in the shower and at the gym. Weird I know? I’ve been in the gym and zoned out creating an idea and would forget where I am or will forget that I’m on my 2nd mile. It’s spiritual for me. The constant assurance that God is in control and has all power gives me more strength to finish and go through my workout. I also feel as I’m working out thy I am staying ready for my destiny and purpose or even the door that God blesses me to go through. I would hate to not be ready due to being out of shape from not being a good steward over my body/temple. Let that marinate.

So that’s why I do it. I hope this gives you a push to get up and get out there. Don’t wait for the new month or Monday. Let your new month and Monday be today. Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. I love you all, Be blessed.

Combatting Procrastination

Hey Fam! I just wanted to encourage you on this beautiful hump day. I always want to inspire and uplift someone in anyway that I can.

So I celebrated year 31 this past weekend as some of you may know who follow me. Since my 29th birthday I am always put into this of picking myself apart and wanting to know if I did enough or why am I in this place and such and then once my birthday pass some of that anxiety leaves. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because the new age has set in or something.

One of my goals for this new chapter is getting things done in a timely fashion. My birthday was on Friday and I already started this on Saturday. When I tell you that I am the king of Procrastination, I have the t- shirt, and next to the definition in the dictionary you will see my name and link to my facebook! I am so serious. I even remember being in college and waiting the last minute to type a paper even when the paper was assigned a month ahead of time. I would sometimes even get up hours before it was due to complete it. I even carried this to driving. I would leave out just in time to get where I was going so that I could speed smh.

So something started to happen when I turned 30. I’m not sure if a light bulb came on or something, but I became overwhelmed and stressed out with rushing to get something done at the last minute. Why not get it done now and out the way? Why put more on me than I can handle. I went back to the source and found out that it was in my time management. I even heard a preacher preaching on Procrastination and how it could be a form of Pride to God. When I heard this I was stunned. Basically he stated that you say that you can do something later, you are indeed saying that you have some type of God sovereign knowledge of all things and time. You are assuming time on God’s time and not being God. Listen it’s Subtle but we do it. As we see how precious but fast life can go. We don’t know how much time we have on this earth or with our love ones. When you think about calling that friend or texting your cousin, DO IT. He also said the only moment you know that you have is the moment that you have at this present moment. When I heard this perspective I was a little torn and immediately repented because I was thinking that this is just me and this is the way I operate and that it is ok.

So I walked away with this perspective and it’s being doing me well. Now I’m not going to front and say that I get everything done when I want it but I have gotten a lot better with getting the things I need to do in a timely fashion. I want to share 3 things that has helped me get through procrastination and it could possibly help you too

1. Use a calendar and create a to do list

If you haven’t done this then you are in for a treat. There is so much gratification for checking off your list of things that you have to do. I would make a list of things to do a night for the next day and would start early on them. So get you a notebook and start getting stuff done.

2. Kill off distractions and stay focus

Sometimes you need to put the phone down and log off of social media. I currently have a timer for my phone and IPad for facebook. It will only allow me to use facebook for 1 hour a day. Which is not hard to do lol. You start watching someone’s live and another vid, like heart that, and boom you’ve spent 3 hrs on fb. So dial it back. Map out and see where you are spending the most time. If it’s Netflix, or tv then dial it back so that you can get what you need done. With less distractions you will be able to stay focus.

3. Reward yourself for small victories

The greater reward that I find in getting things done is the fact that you don’t have to have anything on your plate or mind. Of course we are always thinking and moving but if you get done what you need to do in a timely fashion without rushing, you will have more time to do something enjoyable that you like to do. Reward yourself. I would often reward myself at the end of the week if I got everything done by a getting a slice of cheese cake. Binge watching a new show on The Weeknd because I had a good week of getting things done. Kinda like how our parents did us a kids. If you get all A’s on your report card you’ll get a new video game, but first you got to do the work. Make up your own plan and stick to it. Before you know it you’ll be kicking procrastination in the rear. You got this, go do it!

3 Things you Can do to Keep the Faith through a Pandemic 💪🏾✊🏾

Good Morning Family! I pray that everyone is doing well and making it through. I Just wanted to share some Encouragement today for someone that might need some and also may need to read some fresh perspective.

I was given the task to preach a sermon a couple of months, and God downloaded a word in my spirit and the basis of the word was “perspective”. I’ve talked about this briefly. This word has really carried me through since March until now. There’s been so much going on in our world, from pandemic (Covid), killings, riots, and racial tension. Honestly, if I could be honest, I became overwhelmed and checked out a few times to get myself together. I am a man of Faith and know that there is power in prayer, and that God is a all knowing as well. He is not surprised by anything. I often picture God, sitting in his nice comfy chair watching his masterpiece movie play out, while he’s holding the stars in place inhaling and exhaling. Ya’ll let me have my Disney moment!!! But, he’s all knowing, and always present. So when you take it from this perspective you must question why am I still here? I’m alive and that means there is need for me here. If your work was finished I honestly believe that we wouldn’t be here. We all were created for a purpose and it is up to us to find that purpose on our journey called life. Now hold that thought.

I’ve titled this post “Keeping the Faith” because when storms and trials of life come, the first thing we do is lose faith on those things we are believing for or working towards, but I want to declare to you to shift your perspective. It is not over and there is still time to go back to the drawing board. I’ve seen so many people use this time wisely and shift. They shifted from doing things the so called normal way from in person meetings to making things virtual and not missing a beat. Our churches for example. I’ve seen a lot of churches get on board with their online presence and take advantage of technology the best way they could and I’ve seen some do the bare minimum because they just think it was that important and they just wanted to decide to wait until it’s Safe to go back inside the 4 walls of a building as if God didn’t know that a Pandemic would occur. I’m always reminded of the scripture that says “he who win souls is wise”. Proverbs 11:30 and with the help of technology, WiFi, and cameras The service and ministry never had to stop unless we want it too. This may have called for us to stop doing things the same old way and develop new ways of doing ministry. We must SHIFT. Shifting perspective gives you a different a view of the situation. Shifting perspective will help you keep the faith during a Pandemic. If you are only bound by what you see in front of you and are constantly magnifying what you hear from the news and your peers, You won’t get the chance to utilize faith to go against the grain. This is the most valuable time for the church. The world is seeking healing, deliverance, and salvation and if we can’t shift and bring Faith to them because were not willing to shift, then are we really spreading Faith and Hope to a dying world?

So I challenge you to shift and realign your Faith. No, I this isn’t the correct formula but I do know that God has a purpose and plan for us and if we would just have faith to follow and endure We will get through this. I want to encourage with 3 nuggets on how you can keep the Faith during these times.

1. Check your Circle and keep like minded people in your circle who want the same thing as you.

  • Get rid of the negative conversations and complainers. Yes, we all know what is going on but if we want to shift and rise above it. We must start having the conversations about solutions. If these conversations can’t be made within your circle then it might be time to shift your circle.

2. Stay prayerful and connected to people of Faith “Church”

  • We must stay built up by keeping the full armor of salvation on at all times. Do it when you don’t want to. Stay in the presence of God. It will keep you and it will keep your mind focused. Start your day with devotion (prayer and scripture) and watch how much better your day unfolds.

3. Make time for reflection and Gratitude

  • Take inventory of your many blessings and things you have to be grateful for. We often take the little things for granted. Your little thing is someone’s big thing. Be Grateful. Take time and jot down a list of things that you are grateful for. Putting these things before you will help you continue on your journey of keeping the Faith.

I pray that you all be safe and Blessed