Combatting Procrastination

Hey Fam! I just wanted to encourage you on this beautiful hump day. I always want to inspire and uplift someone in anyway that I can.

So I celebrated year 31 this past weekend as some of you may know who follow me. Since my 29th birthday I am always put into this of picking myself apart and wanting to know if I did enough or why am I in this place and such and then once my birthday pass some of that anxiety leaves. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because the new age has set in or something.

One of my goals for this new chapter is getting things done in a timely fashion. My birthday was on Friday and I already started this on Saturday. When I tell you that I am the king of Procrastination, I have the t- shirt, and next to the definition in the dictionary you will see my name and link to my facebook! I am so serious. I even remember being in college and waiting the last minute to type a paper even when the paper was assigned a month ahead of time. I would sometimes even get up hours before it was due to complete it. I even carried this to driving. I would leave out just in time to get where I was going so that I could speed smh.

So something started to happen when I turned 30. I’m not sure if a light bulb came on or something, but I became overwhelmed and stressed out with rushing to get something done at the last minute. Why not get it done now and out the way? Why put more on me than I can handle. I went back to the source and found out that it was in my time management. I even heard a preacher preaching on Procrastination and how it could be a form of Pride to God. When I heard this I was stunned. Basically he stated that you say that you can do something later, you are indeed saying that you have some type of God sovereign knowledge of all things and time. You are assuming time on God’s time and not being God. Listen it’s Subtle but we do it. As we see how precious but fast life can go. We don’t know how much time we have on this earth or with our love ones. When you think about calling that friend or texting your cousin, DO IT. He also said the only moment you know that you have is the moment that you have at this present moment. When I heard this perspective I was a little torn and immediately repented because I was thinking that this is just me and this is the way I operate and that it is ok.

So I walked away with this perspective and it’s being doing me well. Now I’m not going to front and say that I get everything done when I want it but I have gotten a lot better with getting the things I need to do in a timely fashion. I want to share 3 things that has helped me get through procrastination and it could possibly help you too

1. Use a calendar and create a to do list

If you haven’t done this then you are in for a treat. There is so much gratification for checking off your list of things that you have to do. I would make a list of things to do a night for the next day and would start early on them. So get you a notebook and start getting stuff done.

2. Kill off distractions and stay focus

Sometimes you need to put the phone down and log off of social media. I currently have a timer for my phone and IPad for facebook. It will only allow me to use facebook for 1 hour a day. Which is not hard to do lol. You start watching someone’s live and another vid, like heart that, and boom you’ve spent 3 hrs on fb. So dial it back. Map out and see where you are spending the most time. If it’s Netflix, or tv then dial it back so that you can get what you need done. With less distractions you will be able to stay focus.

3. Reward yourself for small victories

The greater reward that I find in getting things done is the fact that you don’t have to have anything on your plate or mind. Of course we are always thinking and moving but if you get done what you need to do in a timely fashion without rushing, you will have more time to do something enjoyable that you like to do. Reward yourself. I would often reward myself at the end of the week if I got everything done by a getting a slice of cheese cake. Binge watching a new show on The Weeknd because I had a good week of getting things done. Kinda like how our parents did us a kids. If you get all A’s on your report card you’ll get a new video game, but first you got to do the work. Make up your own plan and stick to it. Before you know it you’ll be kicking procrastination in the rear. You got this, go do it!

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