What did 30 Teach Me? My Year Review

So it’s that time again already. I can’t believe that my birthday is in 2 days and I’ll be 31. Seems like 6 months ago I was dreading of turning 30. At the time it seemed like some huge shoes to fill. I was thinking that I should had been further along. You know you start out with plans for your life and then life actually starts to take its place and before you know it, you’re turning 30.

Year 30 was amazing for me. I learned a lot about myself, character, and my calling/ destiny. You know sometimes you can spend a portion of your life working a job or in a certain area, and you think that’s what you’re suppose to be doing and you begin to just settle there for a while. In the back of your head you tell yourself, I’m going back to school next year, and the next year turns into 2, 3 and 5. I just want to share some things that I’ve learned over the last year that stretched me and got me to a better place.

1. I have the Power to change my situation

Year 30 truly gave me some super powers. In my 20s I would always find myself feeling stuck. Feeling stuck on a job or working on a project that I know I didn’t want to be doing because it wasn’t doing it for me. Man… When 30 hit, I gained a new perspective for being ok to admit that this isn’t what i want and now I need to make a change. The first step to this process is actually admitting where you went wrong or what wrong decision you chose lead you down this path. Be ok with saying this isn’t working, then change it. It’s a loaded one but it’s just that simple do a 180.

2. Let “Yes” and No” become your Portion 🙌🏾

Let me tell you how over the last year this has blessed me and kept me from putting myself in places I really didn’t want to be in or in conversations I wasn’t interested in. Over the past year, I’ve said more No’s then yes. Like I said earlier I figured out what I wanted and where I’m headed and I had to understand that everything someone brings to you isn’t always good for you. Even if it involves your gift, talent, or niche. When I agreed and said yes, My entire being jumped on board to deliver and get the job done. There’s been so many times I’ve said Yes to something that I didn’t want to do but instead of hurting someone’s feelings with a simple clean cut “no” I would say yes, but and then who ends up in their feelings at the end of the day, Me.

3. Protect your Peace

Family, at all cost protect your peace. My mom would always remind me that you have one life so do your best to keep it while you’re alive. This past year, 30 has taught me to be able to put the phone down. Place it on DND. Get to figure out who Brandon is. Get rid of the extra added on stress that you put on yourself. So yes, there’s been unanswered calls, text messages, and emails left until I had time to get to them. I stayed away from drama that didn’t involve me and even the stuff that did involve me, I gave my regards and if that didn’t help it, I left it there. I learned how to not get overwhelmed with everybody’s cares and to make sure that Brandon was healthy. I can’t be sick trying to get you well or help you. Broken people cannot help broken people.

4. Make a decision and stand on it, even if it goes south. Ultimately make a decision.

This one was big for me. For some reason when 30 kicked in it gave me a new level of authority. As apart of my yes and no, I made the decision and stood on it. Even if I backfired. I used to be a person that always was in the middle of things. Maybe this, maybe that. Instead of a yes, or no. This past year has taught me to be ok with making mistakes. BUT make a decision. That’s the only way you’ll get to see if there will be a mistake or success.

5. Life is too short, apologize and keep it moving

With Covid-19 shifting our nation and everyday life. The last thing we need is a grudge that could have been broken with a simple sorry. I’ve learned during this season to be more sympathetic to people and just simply love on them. God is love. Life is too short, it’s just a vapor. I’ve been able to gain back rightful places of friendships with an apology because I realized that I’m not perfect, and never will be. Although, some relationships are still a work in place, I dare not let it make me stagnant from moving forward.

6. I am blessed beyond measure

Mannnn when I tell you how God has blessed me and kept me over this past year. He allowed me to continue working without missing a meal, or a mortgage payment. I truly thank God for blessing me and being my ultimate resource. I also thank him for the gift he’s put in me to give him glory. As a matter of fact if you’re reading this, I want you to take a moment and to thank God for blessing you with his breath of Life.

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