Holiday Time/Gift Time

   So a week ago I wrote a status on Facebook of how i felt about this Holiday Season. Yes, Christmas time we make it about gifts, gifts, and gifts. Stores stay open late and make up sales to get you spend money to buy those so called gifts. This year I’ve felt God tugging on my heart and I begin to take inventory on how blessed I am. When I did this, I told myself that I didn’t want anything but instead I want to be a blessing for someone who is need. There’s a lot of that “want” a lot of things. I could give you “Brandon’s top 10” list right now of things I want, but do I really “need” them? Most of our answers would be no. As we look in our community we see those that aren’t as fortunate and those who are struggling to make ends meet. So why not be a blessing to someone. From a biblical standpoint we see God gave us the ultimate gift and that was his son Jesus. There was in fact a “need”. 

So I would like to challenge everyone that reads this to help your sister or brother who is need and be a blessing to them.

Happy Holidays! 

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