The Train Ride Back to Life 

Hey everyone… it’s been a long time since I posted! 

Honestly I didn’t have the urge to write and didn’t feel inspired. I always hear in my head my best friend telling me to write down everything because your story is going to help someone down the line.

Yesterday,  I took the train into the city for the first time since I was an adult. I am the type of person that loves to drive and would rather be in control of my commute and not have to wait on anyone or anybody and most definitely not wait for a Train.

While on the train I had the chance to relax and take in the scenery I also go to see other people from all walks of life and how some were suited and booted going to work and some were dressed casual as if they were just on for the ride. 

Even though I was needing the train for transportation for work, I was just on for the ride. I quickly became inspired with some ideas for business and writing. I was able to listen to myself inhale and exhale. 

Everything was calm and peaceful.

The revelation behind this train ride is simply this… Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break from wanting to be in control of everything. Some of us say, “God is in control” yet let him control what’s going on around us. Once we learn to let go then the world of living can come alive. When I drive into the city, sometimes I don’t even recognize that I’ve passed Lake Michigan. 

I hope this encourages you to remember to live in the moment. 

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