Be Open

The past week I had conversations with many people and the same thing kept coming up. I would realize how someone was scared to break tradition or ritual in order to make something better or even to finish a task. How could we get caught up in keeping up with the way we’ve done something and not get stellar results or no results at all.

Don’t get me wrong, some traditions are good and can become customary such as family gatherings and such, but I’m talking about in everyday life. If you know the ending to your process doesn’t get you results then why keep doing it. It’s sort of like a parent teaching their child how to ride a bike and how to balance their weight and pedal. Some parents like mine, put training wheels on my bike, so I was able to ride without no worries… but the process hasn’t been complete, by tradition I know that when I rode my bike that I would be secured due to the training wheels. Taking the training wheels off would get me through the process and eventually I would learn to ride the bike without them.

Some of us stay at stage 1 in life and keep our training wheel on.

I shout it out today for you to Be Open. Open to receive and learn. Learning never stops at any age. We tend to put limits on ourselves about what were not going to do anymore because we felt like were just too old for that. So we box ourselves in and stay closed.

The precious gift that was given to us was life and one thing about life, it’s going to go on with you or without. Notice, every single day the human body changes and constantly adapt. Even if you decided not to come out the house for twenty four hours, your body still would shift, and change.

So why not be open and accept the moment and move Forward.

Ladies and Gentleman, I encourage you all to Be Open!

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