My Piano Teacher

Welcome back and thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog. I hope you be inspired by the small nuggets I write and declare. Stay tuned and remember always come back and check out my blog for Blog Wednesdays.

Some of you may know that I went to a performing arts high school. The school range from grades 6-12. So,  at about 9 years old I started fumbling around with a toy keyboard that I had gotten for Christmas. I would spend hours playing and carrying it around the house and pretty soon I was able to play back what I heard from the radio and TV. I was able to pluck out the melody. My parents caught on to this, and said “maybe there’s something here”. So next Christmas I got a 61 Keyboard and was able to play some of the songs the keyboard came with. After seeing my interest in piano, my parents decided to have me audition for the Emerson School Performing Arts school in Gary, IN as a piano major. I remember the audition like it was yesterday. I came to the school highly prepared with my boombox, because I was going to play along with the track.

I walked in, set down and the piano teacher begin asking me a few questions and then I sat at a baby grand piano for the first time in my life. She asked what I was going to play and I replied ” Donnie McClurkin’s We Fall Down”. So I pressed play on my boombox and begin to play it. At that time I thought I was doing some big stuff, but I only played the melody using both hands!!!! I didn’t know what the word melody was or octave or anything. After a few weeks I received a letter in the mail, saying congratulations I had been accepted and at that moment my musical journey began.
I want to introduce to some my piano teacher and friend Judith Neville. She was indeed the piano teacher at the audition who seen the gift inside me and took a chance on letting me into the school. I didn’t know how to read music, or understand any terminology going in, but I owe it to her for being an amazing Teacher. You always hear the term, teachers don’t make enough. I always took the saying literal because most teachers I seen had nice cars but it wasn’t about the money. Teachers are mothers, fathers, counselors, therapist, and so much more to the students that they teach.

I’ve said enough about me but I want to dedicate this blog to my teacher Mrs. Neville. She’s now moved into one of her dreams and now has her own piano studio in Valparaiso, IN.

I want you all to visit her site and if you are in the area and are looking to take lessons, this is the place to do them!

Clicking below will take you to her website.

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