So today I started back running outside. (YAY) Last year I wanted to do some competitions like 5k and 10k and make my way up to half marathon, and possibly Marathon. I mean I may even do the Boston marathon but I let my laziness get in my way and I ended up quitting. I also wanted to find a running buddy or group but couldn’t but as I was running today I heard the words, “Game Over, Start Over”. As if this was my second time to try and get it right.I started to relate this to my life and begin to almost tear up. There’s been so many things that I have tried but gave up and at the end of the game, instead of starting over I just didn’t do it. I’m sure you can relate there’s somethings we’ve tried once and because it didn’t work, we didn’t even give it another try. I can remember playing video games as a child. There I would be stuck at this one level and would try and try again but each time I tried I would use a different approach to see if I could beat it. (You see where I’m going?)

The goal is to never give up. Yes, so you lost that one but one thing you did gain was the experience and for the next time you try, now you know what not to do. Those experiences and trials in our life help us grow stronger. Sometimes we do need to start over. Now that you know what the challenge is like, you know what to expect. So now you can start off stronger and even smarter. Sometimes the answer might just be right in our faces, but because were vexed on one approach of getting the job done, we blow it and (Game Over).

I want to encourage my brothers and sisters who will read this. Just because you lost this time doesn’t mean it’s over. Yes, this trial and segment of the game might read “Game Over” but I dare your “Start Over” and get back in the game!

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