Notes about Love

Why does Love have to be so thick and fluffy? Love is like getting super glue on your fingertips. The quicker you try to clean it off, the quicker it dries and is stuck to you.

Why does Love make you fall? Love makes you break all of your rules and walls and turns you into a vulnerable tree branch that goes with the current of the wind.

Why does Love cause Fear? Love is like riding a roller coaster in the dark, not being able to see the direction of the ride or journey… the falls, the rises, the turns… all of those drops of your stomach and heart.

Why does Love hurt? Love is thick and you fall for the one that might not understand your deep emotions or understand why you’re stuck to them.

Why is Love ugly? Were all made different and have different love languages. Some verbally say it. Some physically display it. Most don’t understand each other’s language so tug of war begins, stretching, bending, and twisting each other until we see each other’s heart.    

Where is the Beauty in Love? Love is sticky, contagious, risky but beautiful. Hearing that special ringtone designated for that special one after a hard a long day brings excitement of life to our hearts. They want me! Just hearing their voice triggers and stimulates dopamine.

 Why does Love always win? The bible says it clear Love covers over a multitude on Sin. 1 Peter 4:8 If God has demonstrated to us this Great love then why can’t we forgive, move on, and continue to love?

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