Why you shouldn’t Live in your head? For the Over-Thinker

I know it’s been a while since I wrote, but I’m gaining my motivation back and thanks to my brother Bryan who is always encouraging me to pull out that pen and paper or tablet and get to writing and make it happen. So here I am. I just want to share something that has been on my heart and something that I’m reevaluating.

Judging from this title, you might be asking what is this about, and what is an over thinker. An over thinker is someone who analyzes and evaluates a formula for life, a problem, or anything. It can be simple as cleaning a pair of gym shoes. The objective is to clean the shoes but as an over thinker we would weigh out all of the factors before actually cleaning the shoe. What factors exist here?… I’m glad you asked me… 

  1. What type of shoe cleaner should i use? 
  2. Should I use something that contains bleach?
  3. Should I wash my sneakers over the kitchen sink?
  4. Should I wash them over the bathroom tub?
  5. Should i toss them into the washer machine?

And so on

So we have one objective but many factors to getting them done and most of the time if we can’t figure out the equation, we will just discontinue the task at hand. Mannn this used to be me for everything but as I get older I do understand that this very skill and characteristic can also be my flaw. Sometimes you just need to do it. Everything we do in life doesn’t need to be broken down into many factors for us to get the answer or to see the end. This is why many of us won’t start nothing or won’t even finished what we have started because we’re too busy over thinking the situation. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

Release It

Getting out of your head will help you to stop overthinking but how do we do this? We must actually live and learn to release. The thing we’re thinking and stressing about we must release. Release it in writing, talking it out to a friend, or standing on top of a mountain and screaming it out. 

Jump In & Do it

If it something that you’re trying to do or wanting to do but fear is stopping you and you’re sitting and contemplating  yes or no, then I encourage you to just jump in and do it. I’m speaking from experience. This is something that I have been doing for the past year in a half. I just jump in and the outcome of it has always been a blessing. It always seems to connect to something bigger and better from where I started from. 

Use your SuperPower for Good

I think Over thinker’s have a gift. Being analytical isn’t always a bad thing if it’s for the right thing. In a board meeting with a CEO, the team expects you to be analytical because we can’t just have you throwing out your 30 second idea and you haven’t figured out how it will be financed or if it would be a risk for the business. We also must be aware that everything doesn’t require our superpower. If you have questions you want to ask a friend or your spouse in a relationship but you rather sit and formulate, investigate, and send smoke signals then you living in your head is just going to dig you deeper hole than what you’re already in. Jump in… use the tool communication and save  your SuperPower for something worth it. People get paid lots of money to think and to analyze a problem. 

Thank you for reading. 

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