Encouragement: Start Right NOW, Don’t Wait

Happy Wednesday to all who will read and thank you so much if you are a returning reader. I received so much feedback from my last blog, and honestly it was the peak of the year for the amount of readers. So I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

Every year towards the end of the year we all go into panic mode, well at least I do. We say oh yeah, I was suppose do this or that this year and never got to it. So, I’ll just wait until next year to start. I want to tell you firsthand, you’re doing it wrong. Chances are you’re not going to do in the new year. I’m always reminded how the bible says God gives us  “new” mercies everyday. If you break that down it really means that yesterday is gone and in the past and that today and future are brand spankin new days that you use to start or make a change. I was always writing down a list for the new year. Pause… There’s nothing wrong with planning things to do for the year at all. We make vision boards and such, but even in those plans, you don’t have to wait until the calendar says 2020 you can actually start those things now. They say it takes 21 days to create habit. If you wait for January 1 to start going back to the gym and by the 17th you’ve skipped twice then chances are you’re not going to complete the goal within the 21 days because the habit hasn’t been created yet.

START NOW! I notice on my walk with Christ that I must constantly speak his word over me and over and over and over. It’s the same word but if I create the habit of it then the bad habit or lack of confession will leave. This is exactly what we must start doing. You want the business? Start now. Want to go back to school? Start applying and looking now. Read my last blog about creating the moment and stop waiting for the right and perfect time because it won’t come.

So I want to leave you with this. Start Now so that when you walk into 2020 you will already be doing what you want and mastering your goals.

Be Blessed everyone, Let’s grind and get it!


One thought on “Encouragement: Start Right NOW, Don’t Wait

  1. You’re definitely spot on with this one bro. Time to push forward and stop waiting for the moment to pass you by. Great writing real talk


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