Know When it’s Time to Move On

Hey Family! I Pray that you are well and are gearing up for the Holidays for family time and good eating. I just wanted to share a nugget with you for this week.

As you can see from the title, you already know what I’m talking about to some degree. I just want to share some insight on this. I want to start off by saying you must never stop learning and growing unless you’re comfortable with where you are. Being comfortable can really stagnate you’re growth and hinder you from reaching your full potential. I often sit in deep thought asking myself why didn’t I do this, or why didn’t I go here? Often times the answer is me not moving. So maybe you’re not comfortable in the place you’re in. Maybe you’re too busy doing the same routine and keeping busy that you don’t recognize the need for more or progression. I call these distractions. Sometimes our friends can become distractions. We can take on their burdens and cares and get overwhelmed and over worked with their problems that we never have to time for our own. At every season in life we must take time for us and take inventory. Take inventory of your own peace, joy and happiness. If something is lacking then work on it.

Some of us have many dreams and visions that we want to embark on but were distracted doing other things that doesn’t matter to our vision. Now I’m not saying to go abort all your friends and loved ones. I’m talking about setting boundaries and balancing the scale. No friendship should be out of balance. Just as much as you help someone or pour into them, they should be able to pour into you. If the scale never balances out then it might be time to move on. In life some people are only on your train for a season until you reach their drop off spot. Ask yourself this? Am I benefiting from this situation, friendship, or relationship? If the answer isn’t yes, then it’s time to Move On!

Be Encouraged

Be Blessed!

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