How do I become an Encourager & NOT a Hinderer?

Happy Wednesday Family! I want to share something with you that has been on my heart for quite sometime and especially during this season. We have a lot gong on in our lives and world and the last thing we need to hear is more bad news or something negative in our space. I’ve set and let this marinated with my spirit and begin to take inventory of myself and really ask myself, am I encouraging my brothers and sisters? Am I being a light in dark places? So I want to share with you the difference between the two and how we can always be on the encouraging side of the table for everyone.

What is an Encourager?

The root word here is Encourage and it means to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence. It also means to promote, advance, give approval to or foster.

So when we make it our business to encourage someone we should be lifting up. We should be able to shift the perspective for what’s going on currently. A true encourager will see the good in the bad. For example, If someone calls and ask you for advice. First thing we tend to do is listen to the story and try to solve it. That’s nice for some things but sometimes people are just looking to be heard and mostly just need an ear to vent. So we must be careful with what were actually promoting in these areas. What are we actually encouraging and approving? Or are we disapproving, judging and ready to gossip about the fresh news we just received.

How to Encourage

A true encourager will listen and sympathize and will wait until they get permission to say what they really want to say. I’m sure you have those friends who want to tell you what they would have done and how you should have done it, but usually never have anything to back it up with experience because they’ve never had that issue or problem but can tell you how to do it. That actually does more harm than help and it doesn’t inspire courage or gives hope for what to do right there in the moment.

The Encouragers’ Cheatsheet

1. Be quick to Listen and slow to speak

Be the friend who can listen before expounding or mouthing off what you would have done.

2. Sympathize. Show up and show interest, and Pay attention

Maybe your friend has just started a new project or business. SHOW UP. Like that status, share their page. Write a comment on their post.

3. Support in anyway you can.

Sending a note or a text of inspiration could do our loved ones well. Life is hard and sometimes we can feel all alone, but just sending out a quick reminder to sometime will give them courage and confidence to carry on.

4. You can use the word “Encourage”

You can use this word as your conclusion… For example, I want to encourage you to keep your options open for any job that might come your way because your work experience speaks volumes. Your friends or peers will hold on to that.

Say no to being a Hinderer

The root word is hinder and it simply means to cause delay, interruption, or difficulty, to prevent from doing, acting. Ooooo and this is a big one. The verb definition is to be an obstacle or impediment.

Saints, are we being an obstacle? Are you being an interruption to someone’s vision or dream? Do you know that we do this when we throw our opinions freely around the place. I remember the saying, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say nothing”. They were talking about hindering. This is simply what we do when we give our harsh opinion on something or somebody and especially when we were not asked to give one. It’s so easy to fall in the slip up of being on that side of the table.

Being a musician and a classical pianist I’ve seen many performances and heard many performances. Some were good and some were not good. I’ve even had some bad ones myself but every time and almost every time I could remember the crowd and audience clapping and applauding someone for their efforts on their performance whether it was bad or good. I look back at it and am reminded of those moments being an encouragement for the artist or pianist. In their mind they probably are feeling the worst, shaky, doubtful, but the audience sees and hears a different perspective. We see the courage that it took to sit at that piano and take us on a musical journey. So instead of delaying, instead of preventing someone’s dream or hard work Let’s Encourage!

I just wanted to give us something all to think about. We only grow from staying a student. Once we stop becoming students, we stop learning.

Thank you for reading, Be Blessed!

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