We Must Self-Care Everyday

Hey Fam! I just wanted to share a quick nugget with you. We’ve seen these two words show up a lot especially in this season and it really matters that we take time out for ourselves and develop a disciplined self care regiment.

Self-Care is simply caring for yourself in the best way you can. That might be you taking a nap, going to grab a haircut, or making a dentist appointment. I believe that self care should be done daily. We often run ourselves thin and don’t take time inhale, or exhale and I get it. There’s some of us who have families and obligations and we feel that we can’t afford to take a break or even take time off. We must understand that we are not robots or machines, but what’s even funny robots and machines need tune ups and updates too. For Example, cars need oil changes regularly, tires, fluids flushed and when we neglect those things, the car will tend to show it by not starting up, driving hard, or even being sluggish. So say it with me, “We have to self care everyday” . I know for some of us men we think that we are sometimes invincible creatures. Nothing can hurt us and such. I know for me, I’m a person that hate taking meds when I get sick. I rarely liked going to the doctor and always believe that I can just fight it off and it will go away but what I’ve learned is that we must learn to listen to our bodies. Going back to the car, when something doesn’t check out right the car throws up a check engine light. Often times our bodies do the same exact thing, with aches, headaches, loss of appetite. We must begin to learn to listen those signs. If we begin to develop go habits of Self Care then we could live better healthier lives. We could plow through the stress of our burdens and cares by first caring for ourselves. So I want to encourage everyone who reads this to simple take care of yourself and take time out for Self Care. Blessings to you!

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