I Started Back on Youtube

Hey Family! As always I hope that you all are well and healthy.

I just wanted to share with everyone that I have decided to get back into the world of youtube. I’ve always had a desire to create content and I have done it in the past for friends. See I love playing the background and not really like to be the star of the show. So this new avenue is something new for me. Isn’t it amazing how we all can look so confident in our selfies or photo shoots on Facebook or IG but in person be this really shy scared little person? Bet you don’t know what movie that came from lol

So the content that you will find there will be tech, music, lifestyle, and spiritual development. Basically all of the things that you can find here will be on a visual scale. Oh, and one last thing… Jax (my dog) will be around to. We will share our journey and some tips that we have discovered along the way of this Dog Dad Journey.

So I’m doing Youtube. Please join and follow by Subscribing to my page below

Click Here to Visit My Youtube Channel

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