Overthink? Or, Think Over it?

Hey Family! Happy Friday! I’m so excited that you are here with me and I pray that this finds you doing well and healthy.

Today I want to take sometime to express some encouragement and food for thought to all my over thinkers. So lets dive in. What is a over thinker? Well first we have two words that we can break down, so let’s start there.

The word “Over” can defined as extending directly upward from and this is using “over” as a preposition.

Today we will focus more on the adverb definition and it simply says beyond and falling or hanging from a point.

Thinker can be defined as a person who thinks deeply and seriously. So when you put those words together you get some powerful stuff. An over extended deep thinker. 🤯 Just saying that kinda hurts my brain.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We need to be able to think rationally, clean and clear about the decisions we are making for our lives. Whether it’s for our businesses, families, and ect. We must check the posture from where it is coming from. The posture is the foundation. Ask yourself, why am I not able to make the decision quickly? Is it because it requires research or is just fear? See, the majority of us are over thinkers because we are afraid of failure and messing up. Some of us don’t want to mess up due to shame. What would my friends and family think about me if they find out I dropped out of college? We must take a trip and go back to the building blocks of our heart’s morals and find out what really matters to us.

It is surely ok to take your time and think it over but you can’t get stuck in the process of just thinking. Some of us, and myself included have taken out years of so called “vacation time” thinking about a business we wanted to create or a book we wanted to write and not to actually start on it but thinking about the outcome or the unknown. If I wrote a book, would people read it? If I opened a business would people buy my product? We sometimes create all these filters and excuses before even doing the ground work to even start it.

I want to challenge you. If you are someone who deals with overthinking. I want you to simply rearrange the words. When you do this, you get Think Over. Simply think over it and make a decision and move. Check to make sure you are not simply holding yourself back because of fear of failure. What’s so beautiful about life and starting something fresh and new is that we don’t know that outcome. Do you think Steve Jobs knew how big and Great his company Apple would be from his startup in a garage? Even if you have to do it scared and it don’t work, at least you would know where to go from there. You won’t find out by thinking yourself out from starting or taking on a project. Let’s Think Over it and get working!

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