Transitions Happen & Are Necessary

Hello Family! I know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve blogged but I’m here now. I hope this finds you well and in good Health.

I just want to spend sometime on the idea and thought of transitions. We all will face them sometime. Some will have more than others but we will all transition in some shape or form. Where I come from when you hear the word “transition” it sometimes can be frowned upon as something negative. We use the word when someone passes and dies a lot.

The dictionary defines a transition as the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Some processes maybe long, and some maybe short but eventually you reach the final destination which is change.

Many of us can attest to being shaken up last year with Covid 19 and having to swiftly shift our everyday lives. Some of us actually fought for our lives and had to literally grind to keep our head above water from sinking financially. Although the transitions hit us without warning, we still had to make them and adjust. I always am thinking about perspectives and how something dead in our faces could seem really really bad at face value but if we turned it upside down, it could actually be something good. I remember reading and hearing of many people’s adjustments through covid. One of my piano student’s parent got in real estate school during the pandemic and got her license. This is what I call a perspective shift. She had lost her job but used the extra time she had to pick up and study for real estate . Now she could have sat down and just chilled out and maybe took unemployment but she still would have had to make a transition eventually.

Transitions happen and are necessary. It is apart of the human body and even our creator, God welcomes transition. You cannot grow without going through the transition for growth.

So what are some things that you may need to change up and work on?

What isn’t working for you? Are you bored with the same job you’ve had for the last 5 years? Whatever it may be, I encourage you to start the process for transition. It’s only in the process that you receive your development and will gain wisdom from the experience.

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