Overcoming Monday’s Fog

Happy Monday Family! I hope everyone is doing well and I want to send you some love and joy on this blessed Monday. Yes, this is a blessed Monday, if you are alive and well and especially reading this, You are a blessed people! Say Amen to that!

So I had a good weekend and today I’m sitting at my desk, and can’t believe that I’m feeling refreshed and revived on a Monday morning. Imagine that! Usually I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee trying to wake up. Mad, busted and disgusted that I have 8 hours to be chained to a desk and laptop but today is different, but why is it different? Actually for the past couple of Monday’s I have been on 10. I want to share a few tid bits on how you can overcome Monday fog. I’m sure even Steve Jobs has Monday fog, especially when you come off a weekend with no setting of an alarm clock for 2 days.

First lets define what we are talking about. Monday fog is the feeling you get when you know it’s time to get back to work, kids go back to school, or the scheduled programming continues. Usually most of us have downtime in our weekends but I do realize that some of us work the weekends as if it was a regular day in the week, but often times we all experience that Monday fog!

So how can we overcome it?

1. Prepare yourself mentally

I have been doing this since I turned 30. These 30s have really taught me to work smarter and not harder. You know instead of showing up just on time, show up and bit early and be prepared. Take time to inhale, exhale. Have time to drink a cup of coffee or tea. When you are always rushing and rushing, driving fast to make it, you are creating anxiety and un needed stress. If you prepare yourself for Monday mentally, then you can help get rid of the fog. So we already know it’s coming. So why not plan for it. Jot down mental notes of things that has to get done Specifically for Monday and not just the week. If you are overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to get done, chances are you are scared for Monday to come, but if you organized your thoughts and things to do then Monday will be just the introduction to getting those things done.

2. Command your Monday

Make affirmations and recite them every Monday. Monday is the start of the week for most and you have the chance to affirm and command your entire your week. Life and death is in the power of your tongue. Speak what you want. For example, I want a week full of Joy and Peace. I declare that My Monday and the rest of the week will be filled with Joy and Peace. If you do this, write it on a post it note in front of you, or write it in your phone so that you see through out the day. If you do this your mind and spirit will align and attach its self to Joy and peace. Will people try you? Of course, but you will see it coming around the corner and can quickly choose to get into it or to dodge it because you want Joy and Peace. Doing this in the morning on Mondays has really set my day and week up.

3. Let Monday set your week up for Success

Don’t get overwhelmed and stressed with MONDAY, but let Monday set your week up. Get up, make your bed, shower, meditate, pray, and read. Jam out to some feel good music on your way to work. Despite all of the stuff you have to get done or have to deal with, let Monday set the tone for the rest of the week. I suspect that each day will come with it’s own troubles or worries but I believe you have the power to respond and say yes i will deal with this, or no I will not be accepting this today. If you start the week off like this and follow through then you would be able to reduce some of that Monday Fog. My desire is that you would even fall in love with Monday. Monday’s don’t have to be dark and stressful. Mondays can be whatever you make it!

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