Patience through the Storm

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When we look at the word storm or the stage of life where someone or even ourselves is having a hard time, we mostly take to the negative connotation of it. But, there is another side to it. Today I want to put the magnifying glass on that side. Yes, life will throw you lemons. I can testify about that and we will be here for a few days of me telling you how curve balls were thrown and setbacks were made BUT by the Grace of God, I’m still here and I made it through. ^Inserts Praise right here. The older I become, I am more well aware that trials and set backs will come BUT how I choose to respond and decide whether to take a time out and pout and have a pity party or just trust the process.

Everybody’s process while in a unfamiliar territory will be different. That’s why I know that perspective is everything. For Example, there’s a lot of us who are at jobs that we hate. We don’t carry enough courage to quit and move but if they let us go, we know good and well that we could bounce back make it happen. So you got people wishing that they would be let go, and then you got people that are fearfully about being let go because it would put them into this Storm. The storm I’m talking about today has some type of rain or moisture. If you allow the storm to take place and you just continue to go through it, the storm could actually grow you up. The storm could water you, build your muscles, and build your faith. The storm could really help you to trust in yourself a little more. Usually in a storm or a rough part of life, we feel all alone and most of the time you are simply just alone. Don’t forsake this season and time but use it to your advantage. I know, I know, that could be hard to actually see the other side of the storm but I want to let you know that there is sunshine on the other side. There is joy on the other side and there is rest on the other side but you have to continue to go through the process/storm to see it.

Remember this! It will take time. So you must have some patience. Gather all you need to know through this down time, set back. You must attack the storm with the assurance that it will get better and that this won’t last always. This will give you the patience to deal with the turbulence that might be thrown your way. Keep the goal in mind. Keep the prize in mind. There is light at the end of the tunnel. As always Be Blessed!

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