Social Media While Being a Christian

Happy Friday to all, Just wanted to share this quick tid bit of something that kind of triggered me. I see it happen often and I just wanted to share my view on it.

We will start out with what happened. I received a DM from a new follower greeting me in the name of Jesus and thanking me for being a believer and they preceded to ask me if I had sometime to share with them. Me being me I immediately went to their page and scrolled their timeline and seen nothing but pictures of scriptures and bible quotes. I’ve seen this a million times but I was really looking for the actual person behind the page. The page had a name and a small picture that can’t be made out, so for all I know the page could be spam or it could be an actual Jesus worker behind that page doing the work of the Lord through social media. So I chose not to respond but I hearted the message and acknowledged that I read the message. If it’s spam they will message again or do whatever. I started thinking of the many pages I’ve seen over the years of being on social media of people who consistently post scripture, bible quote, sermons and such and begin to think is this helping anybody? Is this really effective? Is it really encouraging someone? Seeing someone’s page full of scripture, bible quotes, and sermons but you can’t see the actual person behind it. To make it even sweeter some people you can see and this is consistently what they are posting and posting but if you have a one on one conversation with them nothing of scripture or God comes up. Red Flag, Red Flag… what’s going on. In my honest opinion I would think it would be easier for the world and people to see a sermon rather hear one. Meaning, people who watch your life should see Jesus in it. They should see Jesus in the way you act on a regular day not just Sunday. I also remember Jesus being relatable. He went to the well where the woman was. He met people where they were. I believe we of the Christian faith sometimes push a perfect type of person to people who don’t know God. So the people who window shop and look through to see about Jesus through you see a perfect looking person, because we only show the good stuff and neglect to show the hurt, and the journey of hardship. We all struggle with something. We all experience something, but if that is never shown to people, it can be a turn off. I also believe that there are some people who are too heavenly bound that they are no earthly good. That means you’re just not relatable. In this day and time everybody needs somebody and for some, it’s easier to strike up a conversation with somebody who you relate to. You might be able to help someone who experience divorce or lost a loved one, but if they never see that side of you they would never be able to reach out.

I look at social media as a tool and blank canvas. I remember hearing someone say that social media is the devil and I strongly disagree. She said social media is the devil because people compare themselves to others and this produces peer pressure in kids. I totally agree that this can happen from social media, but I remember the TV doing the same thing. Even before social media we had peer pressure and bullies. Just to add some humor. If social media is the devil, then a car is the devil. A car can be used to get you from point A to B but it also can be used as a weapon 🤷🏾‍♂️ catch my drift? Social Media is a tool, and it can be used to produce good fruit or it can be used as a weapon. It was funny to me after this lady said that because I looked her page up and she was on a live selling product from her store. 😆 hmmm trying to make a sell on the devil’s social media, interesting. Let’s get back to it.

Social Media is a blank Canvas. People use them for various reasons. From keeping in touch with family and friends to selling their products or to just be a comedian, but however you choose to use these platforms, don’t forget to actually show yourself. Now I don’t mean to put all your business out there, but post a pic of yourself and maybe share some highlights of your life, with family and friends. Let us see a balanced human being. I know for a fact that most of us are not fasting 12 hours a day and reading and praying Monday thru Friday so why should your page or platform look like that’s all you do? Just be real. I believe people are more attracted to realness. When you post a scripture, explain how it helped you, give some insight and depth. If you heard or seen a funny joke, why not share that? If you seen a pretty picture of nature why not share that? Balance is key! Especially if you’re wanting to share the gospel of Jesus via social media. I know for me, I would relate to seeing a real person’s life than a page full of scriptures. Let’s see if we can see your life through the scriptures. I’ve noticed even some of the biggest and well known preachers share funny tid bits of life and their families because they have balance. I pray that this helps you as you continue on your socials and especially if you are a Jesus follower and want to share him. S hare him and yourself because people will need to see him thru you. Be Blessed

One thought on “Social Media While Being a Christian

  1. Thanks young man. I will certainly watch for that that is not real AND make sure I don’t fall into that category of posting as an unknown. You may know me but not everyone. That’s something to consider. God bless


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