Stay In Your Own Lane

Happy Wednesday Family! I hope you all are doing well and that you had a restful holiday weekend. Today I want to share my thoughts on staying in your own lane and how important it is to own it.

So first, let me just say this. What God has for you, is for you! When you were created, he had your life mapped out from beginning to end. He has a destiny for you and after he created you he put you in your own lane. Now… what’s amazing about this lane is that you can see others in their own lane as you move forward. You can even see these people behind you if you decide to look backwards. Some of these people might even cross into your lane sometimes and you might cross into theirs BUT you have your own lane with your identity. Let’s break this down even more. In your own lane, you might have bumps in it, or even road construction and other may not. These things can be recognized as the struggles of life. We all go thru something but it happens at various times in our lives. I remember growing up and experiencing chicken pox. I was the last in my family to experience this disease. My cousins experienced theirs years before I did. That’s pretty much how life goes. What we can’t do is focus, or compare someone else’s life to ours just because it seems like they are making more progress than us. It can even seem like their doing less work than we are and we might even come equipped with more experience or even a longer resume. I want to encourage you again. Say this with me, “What God has for me, is for Me”. Trust his timing and also remember to use the vehicle of faith. God wants us to exercise our faith. Faith is believing and doing the thing you don’t see. So some things you will have to try. You may have heard the term “step out on Faith” well that simply means try it without knowing the outcome. Yes, in your own lane, there will be times when you must step up to the plate to bat your turn not knowing if it will be your opportunity and time to shine or it maybe a time for you know if this thing is for you or not. Regardless of the outcome, it will be add to your experience. Everything we go through contains a lesson. Lesson Learned. Whether it’s what to do or not to do, everything we go through contains a lesson. So I encourage you to own your own lane. I’m always saying to myself that I should be further along or I’m supposed to have done this or that. I remember just last week I finally applied for my passport. In my head I was always feeling some type of way seeing others travel internationally and I’m in my 30s and don’t have a passport. I remember last week walking into the post office for my appointment and the employee told me that there were a couple people in front of me and that I would be waiting for a while. I kindly said ok and took a seat. As I was seating there waiting, a elderly woman started to make small talk with me about how much info they needed for the passport application. While talking to her she told me her son was in Australia and eventually one day she wanted to be able to visit. This lady had to be well in her 60s. She told me she had never been out of the country, and she’s not in a rush to do it but if she has to she will able to now with her passport. I quickly thought to myself, that I’m 30 years ahead but not only that I’m on time and in my lane at the time I should have this passport. Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to others. I know it’s so easy to do it in this world of social media where everyone only post the good stuff lol but I guarantee even the people you think that are great have the same thought processes too. They might even be looking at you wondering how your process seems so much quicker than theres. Remember this! Your lane was tailored made for you. Carved out for you. Trust the process that’s will lead you to your destiny. God Bless!

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