Have you ever found yourself waking up everyday and doing that same old routine?

Whether it’s getting up, heading to your 9 to 5 and repeating the same thing over and over! I’ve come to realization that before you know it 10 years has dissolved and yet that one dream that you had in mind you never get to do or it just continues to get pushed and pushed back. I’m challenging myself for the rest of the month to reach and grab those dreams and goals that I’ve set up but put off. Most of us who are on our 9 to 5 are not in the place of our destiny but were doing it because it pays the bills and keeps some coins in our pockets. I just believe that God did not give us all of the talents and creativities to sit down on but yet these gifts could actually make room for us. Take time out and work the Gift within you. Step off your Merry -Go- Round of boredom… Step off Your Merry-Go Round of Defeat… Step off your Merry- Go- Round and Live. Tell yourself today…. I will step off the Merry Go Round and do some things different…. Step on to the Rollercoaster and see how high it takes you… Yes, you might have some falls (failures) but learn from them and keep going. That’s the one thing about a rollercoaster, it keeps going. I challenge you, Step Off!



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